5 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness & Make an Impact

In celebration of World Kindness Day, we’re sharing a few simple ways that can spark kindness for all ages!

We think the world could use more days like this that bring positivity, kindness and love into the world, so let’s make World Kindness Day EVERY day.

See which ones on this list are most doable for you, and make it happen!

1. Write a note

Whether it’s a “thank you” note of appreciation or one of encouragement, this small act of kindness can be have a big impact.

Put a smile on someone’s face with our ocean-themed notes, not just for Valentine’s Day:

A kind note can also be in the form of social media by flooding feeds with kindness and good vibes.

You can save & share our kindness graphics below to make it even easier. Follow & tag us @livingporpoisefully!

2. Surprise them with their favorite thing

Often it’s favorite things in life that can restore energy, bring smiles, and uplift the spirits.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a simple thoughtful surprise that you give someone can spread waves of kindness!

Ideas: give their favorite candy or snack, a new supply for their craft hobby, or just send a fun or sweet GIF to bring a smile.

Of course, check for food allergies and stick with what you know they’ll love.

3. Volunteer your time and talents

The world needs more of the special goodness that only you can offer!

So what is it that makes you eager to make a difference in? Explore to find an organization you believe in and get involved.

If you’re around kids, being a role model by practicing kindness can make a huge impact. Check out our Make Waves Kindness Challenge and Smile Jar to get kids inspired:

4. Donate 10 things

Whether it’s clothes that don’t fit or extra mugs, school supplies & blankets, find donation centers and animal shelters that you can drop off things that they’ll benefit from.

It’s a win-win: donating items you don’t need will help you feel less cluttered and will also allow those items to be used by someone who needs them.

5. Support eco-friendly brands

Being kind to the Earth is important too, in preserving its resources, wildlife, and habitats for generations to come. Supporting eco-friendly brands & efforts is a big step that can help restore a much-needed balance.

We at Living Porpoisefully are passionate about being a part of the solution!

Coming to our online shop in spring 2022, our new apparel & lifestyle goods are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. Made with materials like organic cotton and recycled fabrics, our line is luxuriously soft while being kinder to the environment.

For more ways to be kind to the environment, check out our 7 Ways to be Eco-Friendly at the Beach and Earth Protector Eco-Challenge for kids:

We hope these simple ways inspire you to make waves of kindness & positivity, and to make World Kindness Day EVERY day! 💙

Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett

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