I'm Eve Taylor.

I was born and raised in balmy South Florida, and love saltwater + sand in my toes.

I love the ocean, and I LOVE to teach.

Eve Taylor - founder of Living Porpoisefully - dolphins - porpoise - beach girl - live with porpoise


After getting my degree in biology and a master of science education, I spent 16 years teaching marine science to kids of all ages.

Sharing ocean love became my purpose (well…porpoise)! 


I dreamed of reaching beyond the walls of my classroom to share ocean love around the globe.

So I started Living Porpoisefully...


...And I teamed up with my ocean-loving husband Rett to create children's books.

Neither of us are trained artists, but we were determined to learn! Rett draws everything on paper, and we both hand-paint them with real paint + brushes.

We use the pen name EveRett Taylor.


We created activities, games, crafts, and printable fun sheets for marine educators, parents, and caregivers to use around the globe.

A few places we've reached:


To help spread ocean love + conservation, we opened an online eco-shop

We carefully choose options that are sustainable and kinder to the environment, like recycled fabrics + organic cotton.

Plus, we add our own ocean-loving positive-vibes art designs!

Beach Wash Pullover Sweatshirt - Living Porpoisefully dolphin logo - eco sustainable recycled ocean conservation


True to my teacher roots, I dreamed of opening a sea school.

So, Rett and I began to create together! So far, we've shared our adventures in Florida's coastal lagoons, and can't wait to add more courses.

Our virtual courses and in-person sessions are high energy, adventure-based, and hands-on!

living porpoisefully® sea school by EveRett Taylor - virtual ocean marine biology courses online camps

fun facts

  1. 1
     We LOVE to travel + explore this beautiful planet (anywhere coastal, please!)
  2. 2
     We compete over who can find the best seashells
  3. 3
     Rett loves to photograph nature + wildlife
  4. 4
     I learned to swim at age 1, earning my nickname "little fish." I still love to swim.
  5. 5
     We met when we were 11 years old

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