meet our founder

Hi, I’m Eve!

I love the ocean, and I taught marine science to kids in grades PreK-12 for over a decade.

But I realized that so many people were missing out on the sea’s incredible gifts.

So, I created Living Porpoisefully to spread ocean love & make waves of positivity!

My husband Rett has been by my side, and together we’ve created 5+ ocean children’s books (Eve+Rett = Everett Taylor), and tons of free educational resources that reach around the globe.

But we wanted to do more to make a difference in a world that needs more positivity (and healthy oceans!).

Our solution? Offering eco-friendly & sustainable lifestyle goods that feature our unique designs, soft beachy styles & positive vibes.

You’ll love to live in our carefully crafted collections, knowing that choosing our products makes a positive impact in the world.

Live porpoisefully,


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Eve’s favorites

Rett, Co-founder

Loves the coast.

Obsessed with catching the perfect wave with his camera.

Self-taught artist.

Avid seashell collector.

Fun fact: Rett once brought a paper nautilus shell he found on the beach into school for show-and-tell. Let’s just say it didn’t end well!

Rett’s favorites

Living Porpoisefully is about living with a joyful sense of purpose, finding the good in life, and spreading waves of positivity.

As a small, family owned & operated business, we carefully select each item we offer for their high quality materials, low eco-impact, and our own unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Seas the day!

    your purchase has a porpoise


    we choose products & partners with utmost care for eco-impact, fair trade & sustainability

    packaged with porpoise

    recycled/ recyclable, plastic-free, low-carbon footprint & eco-friendly inks

    a deeper mission

    our unique designs & message uplift the spirit & spread waves of positivity

    global ocean education

    your support allows us to reach around the world with our free ocean education resources for teachers, parents & kids

    small business, big heart

    our founders/ owners Eve (former marine science teacher) & her husband Rett
    are passionate about living with porpoise