Our Children’s Books

With 12 years of teaching ocean science in the K-12 classroom and coastal science center, we believe learning should be an adventure: full of fun, curiosity, and wonder!

Our heartfelt mission is to connect others with the ocean, uplift with positive vibes, educate, and inspire wonder & conservation for the ocean & marine life.

Together, we lovingly hand-draw and hand-paint the ocean and its animals in every color of the rainbow. Here’s a sneak peek into our art studio:

“Everett” Taylor is our pen name, after our grandpop who was an inspiration to both of us.

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We recommend our books for ages 4-8 (grades pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade). Be sure to explore our home page for lots of ocean activities that go with our books.

Let’s DIVE IN!

A.B. and the 7 Seas (NEW!)

Dive into an exploration of ocean wonders from the well-known to the bizarre! Alex Brave – a young girl known as A.B – sets sail upon her most daring journey yet: to find ocean wonders for each and every letter of the alphabet. From the narwhal to the rare megamouth shark, the vibrant parrotfish, mysterious vampire squid, playful dolphins, lovable penguins, and so many more, the journey will quickly become a family favorite! Jam-packed with delightful ocean characters (2-3 per letter of the alphabet), A.B. and the 7 Seas inspires curiosity, discovery, exploration, and appreciation for the ocean’s amazing creatures. (Ages 3-8.)

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A.B. and the 7 Seas will take your child on a magical journey around the world’s oceans with Alex Brave (A.B.) to discover 78 wild and wonderful marine animals through the alphabet.  Along with colourful illustrations and fun descriptive notes about each animal this book will be picked up again and again by any young reader.  Thank you Eve & Rett for sharing your artistic talent with love for our oceans.” –Estelle Davies, Marine Biologist & Founder of Living Oceans Education

Zales Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl (Volume 1)

ZT1 - Cover

One moonlit, magical night changes everything for a young boy named Zale. On this night, Zale finds a beautiful, violet pearl that sweeps him away into the ocean blue – as a sailfish! When the pearl slips from his grasp, Zale transforms into ocean animals of all kinds to not only find his prized pearl, but his way home. Join Zale as he explores the mysteries of the sea, searching for his lost, magical pearl! With brilliantly colored artwork that seems to pop off the page, the ocean and its animals come to life with irresistible charisma.  Ages 4-8.

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Mira, the Misfit Sea Dragon

mira cover

“Mira the sea dragon was unlike any other creature you might have known. For she had become odder and odder the more she had grown.” Mira is a wandering sea dragon (a fish related to seahorses) who is beautiful in the most unique of ways, but just can’t seem to find where she belongs. She roams the ocean, encountering many places and creatures, but none of these places feel quite right. Where will Mira find her home where she belongs? With brilliantly colored artwork that seems to pop off the page, the ocean and its animals come to life.  Ages 4-8.

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Zales Tales: The Ocean Seeker (Volume 2)

ZT2 - Cover

Zale had found his magical, violet pearl on the rarest of nights, many moons ago. With it, he had the power to become any ocean animal that he could imagine! When Zale discovers new friends with pearls just like his own, they team up for a thrilling game of hide-and-seek. The magical game takes them from the cold sea of the North Pole to undersea kelp forests, kingdoms of coral reefs, the dark deep, and to the icy waters of the South Pole. Join Zale on his exciting new adventure, as he combs the ocean realm, searching near and far for his new friends! With brilliantly colored artwork that seems to pop off the page, the ocean and its animals come to life. Ages 4-8.

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Shalloween - Cover

When Ray the flashlight fish gets scared, he starts to glow. This unique talent might just prove useful as he attends his very first Halloween party at an old sunken shipwreck in the moonlit ocean shallows. Ray bravely explores the dimly lit ship and encounters the strangest of creatures. While, at first, the Halloween monsters give Ray a fright, he soon realizes that his new friends the ghost crab, the vampire squid, the goblin shark and many more are the perfect friends to spend time with at Halloween! With brilliantly colored artwork that seems to pop off the page, the ocean and its animals come to life. Ages 4-8.

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