18 Ocean Valentines

If you’re new here, you’ll quickly discover that we have a thing for ocean puns. 🙂

Our love for ocean animals + ocean puns equals a match made in heaven that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day cards!

So we’ve taken 18 ocean animals from our children’s books and transformed them into sweet little free printable cards – both full color AND coloring sheets (& mini-envelope template).

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All the downloads are free and are in the post below!

PLUS, we’ve made some of them into jpegs and animated GIF’s that you can send digitally! Here’s one for a peek (scroll down for the rest):

The names of the animals are included on each card too, making for that little extra learning we like to throw in.

But don’t let the learning stop there: these undersea valentines can also be used as a wonderful springboard activity into the ocean with the help of our books.

Especially when paired with A.B. and the 7 Seas (a splashing adventure that most of the animals in the valentines come from), the valentines can become a treasure of discovery! Kids can use the printable cards to “look up” each animal in the book, finding out more about each one.

Not only is the story exciting, but all of our illustrations are super colorful and hand-drawn & painted lovingly by the two of us! (Eve + Rett = Everett Taylor).

Dive into our books page here on Amazon!

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

For the mini cards, choose from full color or coloring sheet version. Then, download below, print on card stock, cut them out, (color in if you chose the coloring sheet), and make someone’s day!

Perfect for kids to give to their classmates & teachers, especially with our DIY envelope template (print on paper).

Downloadable GIF Valentines

To make it even easier to share the ocean love, we’ve also created a few GIF versions that you can send via text, email, or social media. Just scroll down below the image gallery to download the files (keep going to the bottom of this post if you’re looking for jpeg files):

Image Files (JPEG)

And, if you’d rather have the JPEG files that you can download and post/send, here are 9 different ocean valentines (download files below the image gallery):

We kinda went overboard (ha!)…great white shark, narwhal, cuttlefish, octopus, sea turtle, seahorse, humpback whale, hammerhead shark, pelican, jellyfish, flounder, horseshoe crab, conch shell, calico crab, anglerfish, sea star (starfish), and porpoise!

We hope you have fun sharing the ocean love and that this makes a SPLASH on your Valentine’s Day!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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