Porpoiseful Planner & Calendar: Live with porpoise all year!

It’s the new year and it’s full of possibilities! Are there things you dream of and want to accomplish this year? Maybe you’ve got a mental list of things you’re inspired to do, whether it’s to better yourself healthwise, start new projects, or simply keep up better with the day-to-day.


We certainly have an ongoing stack of plates we’re juggling too, and can find all we want to accomplish to be overwhelming without a starting point or place to organize our intentions.

Whether we’re writing & illustrating our next children’s book, working on new materials and activities for our website, tackling house projects & daily upkeep, making family time meaningful & keeping in touch with loved ones, and keeping our minds, bodies, and spirits healthy too, there’s lots to balance.

The power of getting organized with writing down goals, planning, and prioritizing can truly transform your life!

The Living Porpoisefully life is all about seizing the moment and living with purpose, so we’ve created a couple of tools that’ll help make this year your best yet. It includes both monthly and weekly calendars, equipped with spaces for goals, top priorities, gratitude, and inspiration to keep you going.

What makes our monthly calendar unique is that we’ve included holidays and other significant days that’ll help bring more fun and porpoise into your life. World Kindness Day, Flip Flop Day, Polar Bear Day, Compliment Day, and Relaxation Day are just a few of the many fun days throughout the year that will bring joy, love, and special moments in the everyday.

You can fill it in digitally or print on paper, whichever works for you best. Personally, we prefer to print on paper and write as there’s something magical about writing it down with pen & paper that seems to make things happen! If you do print, be sure to recycle the paper once you no longer need your past plans.

With its uplifting seaside style, you’ll love to make our positive planner a part of your routine! Speaking of routine, here are some ideas for incorporating it into your day to make this powerful habit stick:

  • Fill out the monthly calendar and hang on your fridge for a glance view at important dates and appointments
  • Keep the weekly planners in a 3-ring binder (along with a pen or pencil) in a location that you already “visit” (for example, in your kitchen where you eat breakfast, at your desk where you check email, etc.)
  • Fill out the weekly planner each day throughout the week before or after one of your usual tasks (eat breakfast, meditate, check email, etc.)
  • Make the weekly planner one of your “top priorities” at first until it becomes easy
  • Make your goals manageable by dividing into bite-sized actions
  • Use the back of the weekly planner to write any notes, ideas, or inspiration that may strike
  • Draw little squares next to daily tasks…and check them off when you accomplish them
  • Give yourself plan-free days! It’s okay to take a day off, and it can make the overall process more manageable and enjoyable.

To get these freebies, click here to sign up for our free email list. Once you sign up, check your email for an email from us (add us to your contacts so you don’t miss anything!) that will include:

  • 12 monthly calendars (January-December)
  • 12 weekly planners, one for each month (print 4 for each month for a total of 52 weeks)
  • 1 weekly planner, that you fill in the month/week

(Once downloaded, be sure to print them in Landscape mode in Adobe reader.)

Good luck with your new year aspirations and we hope you love using our calendars. Now seas the day and live with porpose!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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    1. Yay!! Thank you so much, Carly. We’re so glad that you like them and hope that they bring more joy and love to your everyday! 😄💙

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