sustainability + impact

your purchase has a porpoise

sustainable lifestyle + ocean education

sustainable materials + eco-conscious

We evaluate and choose materials that minimize eco-impact:

  • eco-conscious fabrics (ex: organic cotton, bamboo, recycled polyester from plastic bottles)
  • fabrics made with less water + toxic dyes
  • water-based inks + eco-sublimation
  • 100% recycled paper (stationery)
  • sunglasses made with recycled fishing nets

packaged with porpoise

We choose our packaging materials carefully to avoid contributing to plastic pollution, a critical issue in our oceans + environment:

  • no plastic
  • outer packaging is curbside recyclable + made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials
  • inner packaging is curbside recyclable + made with recycled or naturally biodegradable materials
  • watch our packaging video

ocean education

Your purchase supports our mission of ocean literacy, education + conservation. We’ve provided our unique free materials that educate + inspire ocean love to:

  • thousands of pre-schools, elementary schools + middle schools worldwide
  • educational programs worldwide, from NOAA to Smithsonian, children’s museums, nature centers + more
  • home schools, parents, and caretakers

We’re just getting started! We have many more resources we plan to create + add to our library!

a deeper mission

The message of Living Porpoisefully carries a unique vibe of optimism:

  • our unique designs and sea-loving messages inspire + uplift
  • expresses a lifestyle that’s purposeful + joyful
  • our free weekly emails virtually connect subscribers to the ocean + offer a source of positive energy

small business, big heart

Our founder + creator Eve Taylor, a former marine science teacher, dreamed of making a difference beyond the classroom. Joining forces with her husband Rett, they’ve written 5+ children’s books and opened the Living Porpoisefully online eco-boutique. They’re passionate about living with porpoise and helping to educate + protect this beautiful planet.

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