Ocean Halloween Costumes Roundup

Just like our new children’s book, Shalloween, this roundup is full of fun, ocean-themed Halloween spirit that will delight all ages.

To celebrate our new Halloween children’s book, Shalloween, we’ve got a roundup of ocean-inspired Halloween costumes for you today!

We’ve  got tons of costumes for you below, many of them in easy DIY-style too.  Mermaids, scuba divers, and sea creatures galore — dive in!

And to go along with your ocean-themed costume, make Halloween even more fun with the adventure of Shalloween (on Amazon here)!

1. DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

Such an adorable idea!  Soda bottles are used for air tanks (secured by electrical tape), along with simple black pants and shirt, and a mask and snorkel.  There’s even a “weight” belt made out of electrical tape and hair curlers!


2. DIY Simple Shark Costume

What a great idea to use a sweatshirt hoodie for this costume!


3. DIY Octopus Costume

Giggles Galore gives DIY instructions using tights, a hat, long sleeve shirt, a belt, white & black felt, and cotton batting.


4. DIY Jellyfish Costume (2 options)

What a jelly-tastic DIY, for any age! This one is electric with lights:


And here’s one from Alpha Mom that uses an umbrella:


5. DIY Stingray Costume

Here’s one that’s great for last minute scrambling! We love the details of the mouth and gills on the underside to make it more real.

stingray costume

6. DIY Starfish Costume

This simple cardboard cutout uses a pool noodle for the tube feet!


7. DIY Lobster Costume (2 options for DIY)

This Martha Stewart tutorial is complete with a claw template and instructions that are adaptable for any age.  Don’t you love the ping pong balls as eyes?

diy lobster costume

And this baby lobster costume isn’t DIY, but it’s just so clawfully cute:

baby lobster costume

Couldn’t resist including this one, either (has the option to buy the pattern for about $5):

lobster catch costume

8. DIY Seashell Costume

Another one from Alpha Mom, what a sweet costume that has a giant pearl to top it off!


9. DIY Dolphin Costume

LOVE this!  MindOverMessy even included printable patterns.

diy dolphin costume

10. DIY Mermaid Costume (3 options!) + Tiara (2 options!)

Being a mermaid is a dream for many little girls (myself included!) and is a timeless costume that all ages will adore.  I just love mermaid costumes, so I decided to give you several options.  To top off whichever one you choose, there are two DIY tiara options that are fit for a mer-princess!

Here’s a quick-sew version with stunning sheer organza scales, complete with a video tutorial:

mermaid quick sew

Here’s a no-sew option for those of us that are a little more challenged in that area:


And here’s one with coffee filters for the scales that the kids can color themselves!


To top the mermaid costume off, here is a DIY royal addition of a sea-jeweled tiara.  Try and find faux starfish and use shells that you’ve collected instead of buying them. (By doing this, you’re not supporting harmful harvesting practices that are hurting marine species.)  Click the picture below or here for the video tutorial.

diy mermaid tiara

Here’s one more tiara option, this one uses a headband:


Ok, I couldn’t resist adding one more: a mermaid baby costume!  I haven’t gotten into crochet yet, but this looks like it might be a simple design to replicate for those of you who know crochet.  Is this not the most adorable mermaid costume you’ve ever seen?

baby mermaid

Just seeing all of these costumes makes us want to dress up too — what better excuse is there to dress up as a mermaid, scuba diver, or favorite sea creature!?

Now, to go along with your ocean-themed costume, make Halloween even more fun for the whole family with with our undersea Halloween children’s book! Click here to find Shalloween on Amazon.

Have a fin-tastic Halloween! Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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    1. Thank you! We had a blast gathering the round up from so many creative bloggers! 🙂

      1. They were awesome. Did you check out ‘Garden’ and ‘Summer’ and ‘Home Decor’ categories? You will see I love everything beach!

  1. Thank you for including my DIY Dolphin costume in your ocean round up. I love the name of your page and the idea! I was thinking of being a jelly fish this year and this round up gives me some easy ideas. Btw- I also have a Sea Turtle costume made from felt and a couch pillow, of all things – http://www.mindovermessy.com/diy-sea-turtle-costume/. Nicole @mindovermessy

    1. Nicole – the sea turtle costume is adorable! So glad you liked the round up, and it was our pleasure to include your fantastic dolphin costume. We’re glad our post was helpful for your jellyfish costume endeavor and thanks so much for your note!

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