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Sea School with Eve COMING SOON - living porpoisefully's virtual and hands-on ocean science STEAM learning activities summer

ocean love + education

A few of the groups who’ve used our learning resources or had us speak:

Our Ocean Education + Conservation Impact - Living Porpoisefully

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waves of positivity + ocean love + sustainability

recycled sun shirts

Made from recycled plastic bottles, they’re ready for the beach + outdoors (aren’t you?)

living porpoisefully collection

Live with porpoise in super soft, eco-sustainable designs that spread waves of positivity

beach bliss

Soak in beach bliss everyday with reminders of what fills your heart

books + posters

Bring the ocean to kids with artful stories from our founders, the pair known as EveRett Taylor

ocean earth collection

Our eco + sustainable Ocean Earth collection inspires ocean love + conservation

ocean education posts

Your support allows us to reach all over the world with ocean love + education

it’s a way of life

Soak in our Vitamin Sea wherever you are

packaged with porpoise

Find out why we’re passionate about our eco gear + plastic-free packaging

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Mermaid on a mission

I’ve always loved the ocean, and spent over a decade teaching marine science to kids of all ages.

Sharing ocean love became my purpose (well…porpoise)!

Together with my (mer)man, we’ve created:

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we choose products & partners with utmost care for eco-impact, fair trade & sustainability

packaged with porpoise

recycled/ recyclable, plastic-free, low-carbon footprint & eco-friendly inks

a deeper mission

our unique designs & message uplift the spirit & spread waves of positivity

global ocean education

your support allows us to reach around the world with our free ocean education resources for teachers, parents & kids

small business, big heart

our founders/ owners Eve (former marine science teacher) & her husband Rett are passionate about living with porpoise