DIY Nautical Flag Wreath

A patriotic way to celebrate summer, our country, AND our coasts!

While we’ve been loving our spring seashell wreath, with summer in full season, we’re switching up the coastal vibe on our door.  It’s time to get patriotic!

We’ve been feeling anchor-ish lately, so we chose some navy and cream anchor ribbon, along with plain cream and cream/blue script.

nautical flag wreath

We followed the great video here to figure out how to work in all 3 colors.  We used 3 safety pins to secure the start of the ribbon to the 18″ wire frame.  It took a bit of getting used to (a great little activity to do while watching TV), and then -ugh!- ended up a few inches short!

So, we re-did it, this time conserving the inches a bit more.  Thankfully this time we came up right to where we started.

Then it was all about adding more nautical & patriotic touches:

We used the blue cord leftover from our DIY Nautical Mason Jar with Spiced BBQ Rub, but this time cut 3 long pieces and braided them (taped the ends with clear tape):

We wound jute rope around the wreath:


…added a cream burlap bow:

cream burlap ribbon with anchor charm

…and of course, American flags!

nautical flags

Here it is so that you can see it all together:

DIY Nautical Flag Wreath

This will be on our door into Labor Day, and we’re already enjoying the summer nautical vibe it’s oozing.

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far, whether you’re feeling the salty breeze, or just fondly remembering it with a touch of coastal in your home.

Enjoy and happy summer!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors


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