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Our original Zale’s Tales Ocean Motion (below) was so popular that we’ve expanded on it with a new video series starring Eve! Check it out here: Ocean Motion with Eve – Sunlit Open Ocean.

**ORIGINAL OCEAN MOTION (spot markers, video & memory game):**

Get the kids wiggling, jiggling, and giggling with some Ocean Motion!

But before we get them movin’ and groovin’, we’ve got some big news to share with you! We’ve just released the e-book version of Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl (the very first children’s book we wrote and illustrated!).

We’re so happy to be able to have a version that you can immediately load on your device and take with you for a portable ocean adventure!

In celebration of the e-book release, we’ve created some splashingly fun and FREE goodies that feature the animals found in Zale’s Tales for your kids to get movin’ and groovin’.

We’re also sharing some insider tips on how to use these in the classroom or at home, so keep reading to the end of the post.

It’s a FREE (with email sign up) Zale’s Tales Ocean Motion Game kit that includes:

  • 3 minute interactive Music & Movement video for kids
  • Memory & Movement Game: 30 printable cards & instruction sheet (smaller area play)
  • Movement Markers: 15 printable spot or floor markers & instruction sheet (larger area play)
    • these are also wonderful for placing on the floor 6 feet apart for social distancing in the classroom

Bringing wonder, sparking curiosity, and fostering a love for the ocean is truly our life’s mission, and we’re so excited to be able to bring this to you!

All of the ocean animals featured in this movement game are from our first children’s book, Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl. We hand-draw & hand-paint all of our illustrations using pencil, paper, and paint!

We’ve decided to offer all three games FREE to you with email sign up (if you’re already signed up, we’ve sent it to your inbox already!).

To sign up and get these free goodies, click here.

Not only do we have two different printable game formats (for different types of play), but we’ve also turned it into a video so that you can get the kids moving without a printer. Here’s a preview:

This works best for early elementary school (pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade & 2nd grade) and is FIN-tastic for getting their little bodies moving and their energy flowing.

It brings so much fun to an ocean unit in the elementary classroom or home school, a summer fun activity, or a birthday party game!

We highly recommend a read-aloud of Zale’s Tales to go along with this activity to dive deeper into ocean animals and the ocean environment. It’s a magical adventure that brings the wonderment of the ocean to life!

Check out the printed version here and the e-book version here, both on Amazon. (Oh, and here’s our author page on Amazon to see all of our books!)

When these Ocean Motion activities are combined with a read-aloud of the picture book, kids will easily learn to recognize ocean animals and their movements.

Plus, with the back page filled with cool info about many of the animals in the book, it brings learning to greater heights!

In the classroom or at home, Ocean Motion has so many uses:

  • Music & Movement Station; Indoor Recess or P.E.:
    • use the larger spot markers on the floor or taped to cones for the kids to rotate through (play music too!)
    • play the 3 minute video (complete with music) for the kids to dance
  • Book connection: Read Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl and do the motions for each animal as you read
  • Circle: put them on the floor in your circle space to use as an anchor to keep kids sitting or standing in one spot
  • Line: put them on the floor or on the wall in a line by the door. Assign and rotate the animals for the kids to each go to when it’s time to line up.
  • Brain Break: choose a few at random to have kids stand up, stretch, and move
  • Memory Game: use the smaller cards in an activity to play memory. When a child makes a match, he or she does the animal movement of the matched cards!

Bringing wonder, sparking curiosity, and fostering a love for the ocean is truly our life’s mission, and we hope you have an absolute blast using Zale’s Tales Ocean Motion to get the kids excited about the ocean!

We’d love to hear how you use these – please keep in touch by emailing us, tagging us on social media, or leaving a comment below. Best fishes!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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