Sea Inspired Quotes for the Classroom

There’s something about ocean themed quotes that motivates and inspires like nothing else!

UPDATE: Since this post, we’ve created our own printable sets of sea-inspired quotes! (Keep scrolling down to see original post with photos of quotes in our classroom.)

10 printable Ocean Wisdom Motivational Signs

(Original Post)

Let’s face it, some days you just need some words of wisdom to keep you on course on your journey of life. Especially if you’re in the classroom as a teacher or student!

To help make the class a place of positive learning, we’ve carefully chosen quotes that inspire through the spirit of the sea (it is, after all, a Marine Biology class!).

We’ve included photos of what we had displayed in our classroom, and hope this gives you decorating ideas.  Enjoy and “Seas the Day!”

And since this was first posted, we’ve added an “Ocean Wisdom” bulletin board to bring in some fun and meaningful ocean puns (click here for the how to):

We’ve also added a “Dive In” bulletin board to post class materials and as a place for students to catch up on make-up work (click here for the how-to):

Dive In Bulletin Board (with make up work station) (800x600)

It’s so fun to get carried away with the ocean theme!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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