10 Ocean Wisdom Motivational Quotes (Printable Wall Art)

It should be no surprise that we love a good ocean pun, especially when its inspirational. 😄

A big part of our “porpoise” here is to inspire ocean love in kids, and well, everyone! So today we’re bringing ocean love to your home or classroom through inspirational art in our new free printable signs.

This post has its roots with our Ocean Wisdom bulletin board that we created for the classroom, where we printed them on overhead transparencies and layered them over a beachy wood background:

Our students loved it, and so did anyone who came to visit! The beachy vibes give it a relaxed feel, and it always seemed to bring a smile or a chuckle.

(If you want the older version from the bulletin board above, head on over to our 3 DIY Crafts for an Ocean-Themed Classroom post.)

To keep the fun going, we’ve made a new version with 10 free printable signs with beach-chic style to bring them into the home as well as the classroom. Just pick your favorites and put them into frames! You can hang several on a wall or choose one or a few to highlight on a table or shelf.

NOTE: These are intended for home or classroom use, NOT commercial use or to be sold in any way.

It’s an easy & inexpensive way to bring in a splash of summer to your decor — all you need is an 8.5 x 11″ frame for each sign. (FYI, the gray wood “frame” is a part of the printable.)

Of course, in an ocean-themed classroom or workspace you can hang them on the wall or bulletin board, or frame one and keep it at your desk.

These are a great way to infuse a splash of learning for kids too, and allow for a chance to talk about the different creatures that make an appearance. They’d make a great decoration for a kid’s room!

Download the Printable Signs

To download, simply click on the download button and save the file below:

NOTE: These are intended for home or classroom use, NOT commercial use or to be sold in any way.

The 10 motivational sea-inspired quotes include:

  • Seas the day
  • Don’t be crabby
  • Be unique (narwhal, unicorn of the sea)
  • Make a splash
  • Sea life’s beauty (sea horse)
  • Refuse to sink
  • Keep swimming (shark – many sharks but not all, have to keep swimming in order to breathe)
  • Come out of your shell (sea turtle)
  • Reach for the stars (starfish)
  • Live with porpoise

We hope this brings a bit of uplifting cheer & ocean love to your life! Have a favorite ocean pun? Let us know in the comment section below!

Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett (Everett) Taylor

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