Porpoiseful Good Vibes Photography Challenge

We are by no means professional photographers but love taking photos, especially when traveling and in nature! It’s such a fun adventure to try and capture the moments in front of us.

Photography can get your creative juices flowing and gives a fun challenge to capture something amazing. Whether that “something amazing” is in the day-to-day or in the extraordinary, the camera is a window into making moments count and seeing with fresh eyes.

So, in celebrating how pictures can make the world come alive, bring good vibes, help us all live with purpose (porpoise!) and are a beautiful self-expression too, we’re challenging you to grab a camera or your phone and get clicking!

Pin for later (keep scrolling for download):

To get your adventure started, we’ve created a challenge with 12 different topics that center on positive vibes. You can choose one topic every month, week, or day, depending on your schedule.

We’ve got the printable download, tips, and we’re also sharing our completed challenge, so let’s get rolling!

Downloadable Challenge

You can download the pdf file (save or print) or save the image to have on your phone:

Tip: Cut the out the topics and place into a jar to draw randomly, or roll dice!

Photography Challenge Tips:

While we’re amateurs and not professional photographers, we have a few tips for your adventure to bring the fun & creativity:

  1. Take lots of photos of each topic! Taking a bunch gives more practice and of course many to choose from to pick your favorites.
  2. Try different angles. Some of our favorite shots were taken on our bellies!
  3. Experiment with camera zoom/blur settings and/or filters. This can help set the mood of what you’re conveying, and draw attention to what you want in focus.
  4. Play with framing. Try the rule of thirds (put the subject in the left or right third, and leave the other two thirds open).
  5. Share the fun. Invite loved ones to participate in the challenge, and share your favorites to see what photos resonate most with others. Kids can play too, with a disposable or durable camera.
  6. Make a collage or album with your favorites. You can have a collage or book printed, or print out the photos and pin them to a bulletin board to cherish your adventure.

We’ve gone ahead and chosen our own favorite photos for each category in the challenge and combined them into a collage (it’s so much fun to go through them!). We had a hard time choosing just one for each category:

You can see that we obviously love the coast and have many beach & nature moments! Of course, you don’t need to travel for this challenge, and finding the good wherever you are is all part of the photography adventure. πŸ’™

This is also an activity that could be modified for use in the classroom (being educators makes us always on the lookout for neat project ideas for students). It would especially make a fun ice breaker at the beginning of the school year to allow kids to express themselves!

Want the topics in a text version instead of the image or printable download? Here they are:

  • something joyful
  • your best friend
  • favorite animal
  • somewhere flowerful
  • something adventurous
  • favorite sunrise or sunset
  • somewhere breathtaking
  • favorite hobby or item
  • favorite action shot
  • flying wonders
  • somewhere peaceful
  • somewhere/thing magical

While this post is in time to celebrate World Photography Day, we hope it’s a fun year-long adventure that brings positive vibes for you. Enjoy the adventure!

Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett

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  1. This is awesome! We all take many photos, and this makes it fun to have new adventures to find photos in these categories, as well as reflect on those we have already taken! Thank you for the adventure!

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