FREE Printable (Undersea) Halloween Coloring Sheets

Ever heard of a ghost crab? Goblin shark? Vampire squid?  Yep, they’re all REAL sea creatures who happen to be named after unreal Halloween monsters!  How fun is that!?
Shalloween - Front Cover

We’re so excited to share with you our brand new coloring sheets that go along with the Shalloween theme!  As many of you may remember, Shalloween is an undersea Halloween party in the moonlit ocean shallows.

We wrote and illustrated Shalloween (our 2nd children’s book) to celebrate the REAL ocean creatures who are named after Halloween monsters.

From ghost crabs to goblin sharks to vampire squid, it’s a lighthearted twist on Halloween.  And now, our new coloring pages make for a perfect companion to the book!  (Click here to take Shalloween home on Amazon.  Don’t miss the exciting adventure!)

Each coloring page features the real sea creature (and an educational fun fact) along with the Halloween monster it’s named after.

Scroll down to save/print the pages and have a HAPPY (S)HALLOWEEN!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

Click on the images/links below to save & print:

Entire Coloring Book (8 pages)


Undersea Halloween Party (all sea creatures on the same page)


Ghost Shrimp & Ghost Crab


Vampire Squid


Goblin Sharks


Wolf Eel




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