15 DIY Coastal Fall Ideas

 Keep that coastal vibe going throughout fall with these fun craft and décor ideas.

We’ve got a round up for you today!  With fall on the way, we love to keep the beach close with sea-inspired pumpkins, “sea oats”, seashells, and starfish with a fall twist.  So we scoured the web in search of our favorites, and also included some of our own creations too.

Just click on the titles or images to be taken to the source to see more details about each.


“Sea Oats” & Nautical Rope Wreath


 Mod Podge Fall Coastal Theme Pumpkins


Coastal Autumn Wreath


Coastal Fall Pumpkins


DIY Coastal Fall Vase


 Beachy Fall Candle Vignette


DIY Conch-ucopia


Coastal Anchor Pumpkin


Coastal Thanksgiving Tablescape


Coastal Fall Burlap Wreath & Fall Mantel



Seashell Turkey Thanksgiving Wall Hanging


Beachy Fall Harvest Arrangement



Coastal Fall Bowl Arrangement


Vintage Painted Pumpkins with Seashells


Driftwood & Linen Pumpkins


Nautical Pumpkins

diy Nautical Pumpkins - LivingPorpoisefully.com

We hope you enjoyed the round up!  Best wishes for a very beachy fall 🙂

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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8 thoughts on “15 DIY Coastal Fall Ideas

  1. Hello! Yes! It’s September 2018 and I just now found your website, Truthfully, I found your fabulous fall decor pin while browsing “there” and clicked on your blog, LOVE IT! I confess, I live in the middle of the Midwest, (Columbia, MO to be exact) and coastal decor is a rare thing. I DO love the colors used in coastal decor, I like to call the collection an “aqua neutral palette”; so soothing. I’m a lover of seasonal decor, as long as it isn’t done in TRADITIONAL colors. My decorating tastes lean toward the eclectic, perhaps the opposite of traditional. Last autumn I decided I wanted to use the beautiful coastal “aqua neutral palette” to decorate (I don’t like that word) our mid-century modern home for the season. Sourcing materials has not been easy, I couldn’t complete all I wanted to last year. I’m forging ahead once again and want to thank you for your inspiration AND your blog. Please consider it a compliment when I tell you I want to “copycat” some of your designs sans the seashells and/or starfish. I love them, however they are not plentiful here in the Pearl of the Midwest. When I see unique (to me) creative and beautiful things, I have to tell the creators.

    1. Hello and thank you so much for your message and most wonderful compliments! We are overjoyed that you have found inspiration here and have plans to make some of the creations on our site! And yes, we LOVE the “aqua neutral palette” too –we’re working on some aqua/neutral pumpkins to add to the coastal fall collection (coming soon, feel free to join our email list to stay updated!). Thank you so much for sharing with us. It means so much to us to know you find our projects creative and beautiful! Good luck with your home beautifying projects and may it be a joyful and uplifting venture for you this season!

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