Starfish & Sand Rope Lantern

No matter your DIY craft experience, this is a no-fail, no-stress way to brighten a day, a room, or a life!

Ever notice how sometimes the simplest gestures can mean so much to just about anyone?  People light up with joy!

Well, today’s DIY craft is one of those simple gift ideas that is sooo beyond easy, quick, and one that you can’t mess up.  It makes for a thoughtful gift to give for almost any occasion AND it works great for those last-minute times too.

  • Birthday? Yep.
  • Summer hostess gift? Yep.
  • Housewarming? Yep.
  • Retirement? Yep.
  • Teacher appreciation? Yep.
  • Mother’s Day? Yep.
  • Just because? Yep.
  • For yourself? YEP!

It’s almost too easy, and that’s the beauty of it too: you can make it at a moment’s notice and will be able to fully bask in celebrating the occasion.

What You’ll Need:

starfish and rope lantern supplies

  • glass lantern
    • We bought one with a rope handle, but you could always tie some craft rope in a bow around the top of another kind of lantern.  (The rope ones find their way into craft stores during the spring & summer time.)
  • sand to fill the bottom of the lantern
  • a candle that fits inside the lantern
  • 3 faux starfish (we love these from Pottery Barn as opposed to using real ones)
    • of course, you could use seashells you found instead!

How to Make It:

We didn’t even include step-by-step pictures on this one, because all you do is:

  1. Put the sand into the bottom of the lantern.
  2. Put the candle in the middle.
  3. Place the starfish (or seashells) how you want them around the candle.

And that’s all there is to it!

starfish and sand rope lantern (5)

See?  Almost too easy, but to see the special someone who receives it as a gift simply light up with joy, you’d think it took hours!

(Want to pin this for later on Pinterest?  Click here.)starfish and sand rope lantern (1)

And who wouldn’t love the warm beachy vibes?  With it being so easy to make, why not make one to light up your own house too.  We certainly did!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors


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  1. After I read your posts, I always come away with “It is so simple and beautiful! Why didn’t I think of that?” Thank you.

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