Happy Earth Day

Just a cheery Earth Day greeting from us to YOU!

Our Earth is the home we all share, made of epic scenes of land and sea.  Just think about it: you, me, families, friends, co-workers…all extending to our larger Earth family of over 7 billion.  It’s quite the spectacle!

Wherever you are on this Earth today, know that we are all connected by this one planet that we all live on, and we’re all a bit closer than we think.

Both of us so cherish being able to reach out over the globe to YOU through our blog and partake in a world that is much more connected with each other.

So as we celebrate Earth Day, let’s all be kind to each other and kind to our planet.  Start by sharing the image we’ve created in an email or through social media! (Shareable link: http://bit.ly/1XMFcIF)

Our most heartfelt wishes for keeping the Earth dear today and all year,

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

P.S. – If you missed our super-simple Earth Day craft activity, click here to get started and inspire the kids in your life!

Earth Day Kids' Craft - Felt Strip Wreath (felt made from recycled plastic bottles)

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