Lobsters, Starfish, Sharks, OH MY! (Maine Aquarium)

We had such a fun, interactive experience at the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor on our trip to Maine — a true ocean-on-land.

A highlight on our trip to Maine, the Maine State Aquarium was the perfect addition to a day exploring Boothbay Harbor.

We first walked in to see a tank full of lobsters, very fitting for the area that provides much of our country’s lobster stock!  But these weren’t just any lobsters.  The rarest of lobsters are here for you to marvel at: blue, half calico/half orange, and albino.  (It was even on our bucket list to see a blue lobster!)

Moving on to other exhibits, we saw all sorts of ocean life that you might see in Maine waters and beyond:

After seeing animals in their enclosed habitats, we moved on to where you can touch, hold, and handle countless animals!  This was probably the most exciting part of the visit, and the aquarium does a fantastic job offering this interactive experience within their small floor plan.

The sharks were seemingly enjoying the interaction too – there was one in particular that kept begging for attention!  The aquarium staff was genuinely enthusiastic about sharing the ocean life with us, which made it even more engaging.

And not only do we get excited about the ocean life, but we love seeing others, especially children, be captivated in wonder by the incredible sea creatures in front of them.  (That’s what we hope to do through our children’s books!)

When you’re finished inside the aquarium, there are a few kid-friendly interactive exhibits on the deck outside, and a beautiful picnic area on the waterfront.  Bring a lunch or just enjoy the beautiful view!


We hope you enjoyed the peek into the Maine State Aquarium and will stop by to experience it for yourself.  There’s nothing like getting a face-to-face experience with ocean life!

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