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Sea-drenched adventures, without the road trip

Our online Sea School brings the ocean to you through screen + hands-on activities.

What is it?

a tropical adventure at your fingertips

Courses range from single 45 min. activities to 5 day units

Video adventures of up-close experiences with sea life

Fun n' games like printable board games, card decks + movement

Stress- free instructions + templates for hands-on activities

Family-friendly animal encounter videos + hands-on experiences you can do anywhere.

Relax, it's on your schedule.

This course was one of the most fun & interesting classes I have ever taken.  Your positive attitude & passion for teaching and the ocean are amazing!

Mariana student

Expert Led

Each Living Porpoisefully® Sea School course is led by our founder + creator, Eve Taylor.  

She's an award-winning 15-year marine science educator (M.Ed.) in the PreK-12 classroom + coastal science center.  

Her bubbly enthusiasm + passion for the sea has inspired thousands of students of all ages.


Boot boredom and dive into a FINtastic fusion of on + off-screen activities:

  • exciting video adventures
  • unique hands-on activities:
  • printable games
  • eco-crafts
  • simple experiments
  • journaling
  • movement

We give flexible supply lists for items you may need (you might already have 'em in your house).


Our courses drench learners of all ages in meaningful experiences that excite, educate + empower.

In each lively lesson, we encourage curiosity, creativity + compassion. It's all infused with ocean love + simple caring for the planet.

Protect what you love.

Who is it for?

Living Porpoisefully® Sea School is family-friendly + fun for a wide age range (ages 5-12).

We designed it for families + educators who want to give kids a splash of FUN learning, whether you're near the beach or far from it.

Dive in at home, in the classroom, or on a staycation/vacation.

Seeing someone as passionate as you are about the ocean really made me realize just how important knowing how to take care of our oceans is.

Emily  student

We've made a splash with...

A few of the groups who've used our learning resources or had us speak:

Eve Taylor, M.Ed.

Meet Your instructor

Shell-o! I've always loved the ocean, and it's my joyful purpose (porpoise) to share it with others around the globe.


  • a passionate award-winning 15-year marine science educator to grades PreK-12 with a Master of Science Education
  • a South Florida native + avid coastal traveler
  • the founder + creator of Living Porpoisefully blog/eco-boutique
  • the co-creator of 5+ ocean children's books

The ocean world is full of epic adventures.  Let's dive in together!

Eve's Experience:

  • immersed all grades in ocean science both inland + coastal
  • 12 years as a marine educator at schools + program director at a science center
  • led thousands of students in hands-on, feet-wet programs
  • developed PreK-12 district-wide curriculum in multiple states
  • designed original innovative lessons + exhibits for a science center
  • awarded consecutive grants for outreach programs + hands-on learning
  • created innovative games, printables, videos, crafts + activities for her company Living Porpoisefully®
  • featured globally by schools, libraries + organizations including the Smithsonian, Four Seasons Resorts, The Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and more

I loved this class and think you are a great teacher.

Evan  student

See Courses

Explore our ever-growing list of salty adventures.

  • experience the epic journey of sea turtles on a video beach walk with Eve, a turtley awesome printable board game, a 3D eco-craft with our unique template (that teaches their anatomy too), and fun sea turtle snack ideas
  • find out the mysteries of spiny creatures that live in the sand with up-close videos + a hands-on recipe to create a life-like replica to display
  • dive into coral reefs with a video snorkel with Eve, an eco-craft, a sunscreen investigation, and a game using Jenga blocks
  • explore things that sting with up close encounters of jellyfish + stingrays with Eve, a 3D jellyfish eco-craft, a jellyfish water game, a stingray shuffle dance, and a handy sting guide
  • take a bite into jawsome sharks with a video exploration with Eve, printable lawn game, a shark tooth study, and a 3D shark eco-craft
  • put on your detective hat and solve beach mysteries with a sand pattern investigation, a crime-solving case, and a simple experiment
  • shell-ebrate seashells and find out what makes them + lives in them with a video beach walk with Eve, a shell ID activity, a simple experiment, and seashell craft ideas

I loved this course, thank you for being an awesome teacher and sharing your knowledge about marine biology.

Hayden  student

I didn't realize how much there was to learn about the ocean and marine life. I can really tell how strongly you feel about marine science and that's what makes you a great teacher. I learned a lot in this class.

Anne Marie  student

I enjoyed having you as my teacher and you made me look at the ocean in not a scary, sandy place but a place full of life and interesting creatures. I love your passion for the ocean.

Mia  student

Is Living Porpoisefully® Sea School for you?

It doesn't float everyone's boat...

It'll float your boat if you want...

  • to know more about the ocean + explore its wonders
  • a unique edu-taining experience for kids + family
  • FUN, high quality, hands-on activities that inspire a love for science + nature
  • to boot boredom and get kids engaged + excited (without them realizing they're learning)
  • to explore without needing to travel
  • stress-free activities with minimal planning
  • rainy day activities, wherever you are
  • a flexible at-your-own-pace schedule

It's NOT for you if you...

  • want a screens-only program
  • are looking for an in-person or live experience (some courses may have an optional live element)
  • don’t have access to a printer (we provide printable fun sheets, games + activities)
  • want kids to do it all on their own (depending on age)
  • prefer it be scheduled for a specific date/time 
  • aren't able to source supplies like paper, glue, scissors, flour, salt...(We provide supply lists, and do not ship supplies.)

Not sure if it's for you?

Try out our free mini-course to see how we roll.

Dive in + Discover

no expensive travel or jet lag necessary

  • Expand your horizons
    Get to know the amazing ocean world that gives oxygen, food, and so much more to everyone on the planet.
  • SEA life's beauty
    See through the eyes of our in-house expert + creator, an award-winning passionate ocean educator.  She'll uncover what the ordinary beachgoer misses and wish they knew.
  • Dive into an adventure
    We go beyond screens and create + play in the real world, making for bonding experiences like a day at the beach. 


Who is Living Porpoisefully® Sea School for?

Our Sea School is family-friendly + fun for a wide age range (ages 5-12).

We designed it for families + educators who want to give kids a splash of FUN learning, whether you're near the beach or far from it.

Dive in at home, in the classroom, or on a staycation/vacation.

How does it work?

Living Porpoisefully® Sea School is made up of online modules that contain adventure videos + all of the printable fun activities.

Once you purchase a course, you'll be able to access it with a login.  Some courses are "dripped" with new content unlocking each day.         

I'm an educator at a school or camp. Can I use this?

Dolphin-ately!  It's a fin-tastic STEAM resource that makes science learning fun.


What is your refund policy?

Our content is one-of-a-kind and we do not accept refunds.  However, we offer a free mini-course that we recommend you enjoy before purchasing so you can get a feel for how we roll.

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