Coastal Lagoons Low Tide

About Coastal Lagoons Low Tide

The Adventure

Join Eve in a paddle boarding adventure of South Florida's coastal lagoons and uncover 8 amazing discoveries at low tide. Then, we'll head back to the Living Porpoisefully® Sea School lab to dive deeper into sea stars with a hands-on activity you can do at home!

Family + classroom friendly (includes tips for educators).  Kid tested + loved.

Designed for ages 5-14 and enjoyed by all ages.


Chapter 1

~1 hour:

  • Coastal Lagoons Adventure Video (25 min)
  • Journal Pages PDF (10 pages; suggested 4-5 min for each of the 8 discoveries)

~1 hour:

  • ID Matching Card Game PDF
  • 6 Bonus Fun Pages PDF

Chapter 2

~2+ hours:

  • Dive Deeper (sea stars) + Hands-on Activity video (8 min)
  • Recipe + Sea Star Template PDF
  • Sea Star Anatomy Coloring Pages PDF (2 versions)
  • Bonus Sea Star Coloring Cards PDF
  • Quiz

You'll also have the chance to ask Eve questions at the end!

Note: For the hands-on activity, you'll need flour, salt, water, and household baking tools (oven not required).

Let's Explore!

2 Lessons

Back to the Lab

2 Lessons

Ask Eve

1 Lesson

About the Teacher

Eve Taylor

Eve is the founder + creator of, co-creator of 6 ocean children's books, and passionate award-winning 16-year marine science educator with a Master of Science Education.

She's a Florida native who has always loved the ocean, and it's her joyful purpose (porpoise!) to share it with others around the globe.

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