Relax at the Beach with our 3-minute relaxation sessions!

Whether you’re interested in increasing your mindfulness, peace, and calm in your life, or you simply miss the beach and want a dose of vitamin sea, either way it’s doing something good for your entire wellbeing!

The guidance at the beginning will help you settle in quickly and help melt away stress. When you’ve given yourself some extra love and care, you can truly be at your best for those around you.

Treating your mind, body, and spirit right can take some thought and planning, but we’ve made it easier with this 3-minute break to relax with the waves. Taking the full 3 minutes can do wonders for your mindset!  And if you need it, you can always repeat and get a double dose.

This is a wonderful positive guided mindfulness practice for all ages, including kids. Sprinkle it in for kids’ quiet time or to help them wind down and practice mindfulness.

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Enjoy the vitamin sea + waves of positivity!

Magic Moment Mindfulness:

Mid-Day Refresh:

Rise and Shine:

Happy Place:

Breathe Stillness:

Recharge Mind, Body, Spirit:

Body Relax:

Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett (Everett) Taylor