Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Throw away your rabbit’s foot, because on this St. Patty’s Day, there’s an even luckier charm you didn’t know you had: the horseshoe crab!

In celebration, we’ve made you a special ocean inspired St. Patrick’s Day greeting (shareable!), plus the 4 amazing reasons why you should start adopting the horseshoe crab as your lucky charm.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

Happy Sea Turtle Nesting Season!

happy sea turtle nesting season!
Sea turtle nest mural at Tidelands Nature Center in Jekyll Island, Georgia

Happy Sea Turtle Nesting Season!  Yep, that magical time starts May 1st and lasts until October 31st (starts March 1st for some areas of Florida).  Just imagine, mama sea turtles coming to shore in the disguise of night to lay a nest of 100+ eggs, and then two months later, the babies emerging with their adorable little shells and flippers scurrying down the beach!

With the onset of nesting season, it also means that people living near and visiting the coast have an important responsibility.  Continue reading “Happy Sea Turtle Nesting Season!”