Host a Craft Party

host a craft party

In the hustle-and-bustle of our daily life, it’s so easy to take our friendships and connections with loved ones for granted!  It’s one of life’s true blessings — good friendships — and what better way to celebrate them than with a craft party, where creativity and good vibes are contagious?

So I set out to see if those sweet friends of mine would be up for such an adventure!  With them on board, the planning began.  Here’s my adventure “how-to” so that it might make it easier for you to plan such a joyful gathering (not everyone has summers off like I do, I know!).

A printable shopping list, tips, setup ideas and photos are all here for the taking!

host a craft party

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DIY Sea Inspired Patriotic Flags: Classic vs. Neutral

diy sea inspired patriotic flags

It’s that time of the year to get patriotic!  To celebrate our nation, I had a hankering to make a sea inspired wood flag to hang on our door or wall.  But do I want it to be a classic red-white-and-blue?  Or a more toned-down, neutral wood plank style?  I couldn’t decide, so I made both!

Which one do YOU like best?

If you’re up for making one (or both) of these, I included a ‘how-to” below.  For both flags, here’s the basic formula:

wood rectangle + painter’s tape + paint + starfish = flag!

Take your pick and I’ll walk you through making it.  With the painter’s tape, it’s pretty simple and no freehand required! Continue reading “DIY Sea Inspired Patriotic Flags: Classic vs. Neutral”

DIY Burlap & Sea Star Wreath

diy sea star burlap wreath

I’ve been working with burlap lately, and it is such a great material to bring that coastal feel to your home, whether it’s near the beach or not.  There are so many different combinations and looks that you can get from using burlap, but of course in true beach style I had to make my wreath beachy.  Here are the supplies and process that I used, but there are so many possibilities! Continue reading “DIY Burlap & Sea Star Wreath”

Ocean Animal 3D Project


One of the projects I have students complete in my Marine Biology class is to make a 3D replica of the ocean animal that they chose to research.  The goal is to make our own “aquarium” with displays of information to go along with their 3D creation.  While there are other options for completing this particular project (video or lesson), they seem to have the most fun with this one!

Take a look at some of their creations!

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