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From extended sneak peeks to how we illustrate each colorful adventure, we’re giving you the inside view into our growing book collection.

Our books offer a fun and magical experience to learn about real sea creatures and the ocean world, whether it’s for a bedtime story, at school, a sea-themed party, or at the beach.

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zalestalescover-front    Zale's Tales Volume 2: The Ocean Seeker   Shalloween - Front Cover

Big Announcement: Zale’s Tales Two is Here!

We have exciting news!  We have been joyfully crafting our third children’s picture book these last several months, and it is now on the shelf at!  We’re especially excited because it is the first sequel to our Zale’s Tales ocean adventure.

We can’t wait to share a sneak peek with you and the kids in your life!  So, get ready for a splashing, fun-filled episode of the adventures of Zale and the amazing undersea world in Zale’s Tales: The Ocean Seeker

Zale's Tales Volume 2: The Ocean Seeker

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the magic of picture books

We’re so excited to celebrate Picture Book Month, as we -*drum roll, please*- are working on our third one!  Yep, there is a month devoted to the captivating magic of picture books, and rightly so.  Of course, we have a very soft spot in our hearts for the inspiration that can come from within the cover of a picture book!

When immersed in a picture book, we can experience a full range of emotions: we can be on the edge of our seats, or soaring high on a cloud with delight.  We can laugh, be silly or sad, and be completely captivated with wonder.  The adventure can take us from feeling uncertain to feeling like celebrating!  Continue reading…

Behind-the-Scenes Into Our New Book (Shalloween)

DSC08737 - Copy

We had so much fun creating a Halloween-themed children’s book with an ocean twist that we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into how we illustrated Shalloween.  Each page is truly a labor of love, so get ready to see it come alive! Continue reading…


Shalloween - Front Cover

With the fall season starting to make its entrance, we can’t help but hold our exciting news hostage for much longer.  So here it is!  We’ve been busily working on our second children’s book this summer, and it is now hot off the press!

Yes, we’ve been secretly toiling to create a fun and lighthearted ocean-themed Halloween adventure, and we’ve named it….SHALLOWEEN!

So in celebration, we’re going to share a preview of the book with you today…(Continue reading…)

ocean of hope review of our children’s book

ZalesTalesCover - front

We are so thrilled that ocean champion and author of the blog Ocean of Hope (at and her 5-year old highly recommend our children’s book, Zale’s Tales!  We are ecstatic that she feels as we do:

“This book is a great introduction to the ocean world and its inhabitants for young and old alike. I highly recommend this book to any ocean lovers, or to those who would like to nurture the next generation of ocean lovers.”

If you have a soft spot for the ocean (who doesn’t!) and want to share the ocean wonder with young ones you know, we hope you will check out our book.  It is available on Amazon by clicking here.

Here is her full review…

children’s book art station sneak peek

art station

Ever wonder what kind of setup or art supplies go into the making of a children’s book? To each artist his or her own, but here’s a special behind-the-scenes look into our art station:



Want to feel like the know-it-all when you go on your next beach trip?  What you’ll read here will help make sure that your trip is one of relaxation and fun that won’t end in an unexpected and unpleasant interaction with a stingray!

Reaching for the (sea) stars: how it started

Reaching for sea starry dreams

There is something so sweet and energizing about reaching for your deepest, most (sea) starry dreams. For us, what started as an inkling of “Wouldn’t it be amazing to write and illustrate a children’s book about the ocean?” has now transformed into a solid “Let’s make MORE children’s books!”


The Amazing Lifesaving Shark

I must admit, I’m pretty passionate about what I’m sharing with you today.  It’s one of my favorite things to share with my Marine Biology students, and I get warm fuzzies just seeing their astonished faces!

illustrating behind the scenes: choosing Color

coral scene

One of the most exciting things about illustrating children’s books is choosing colors!  We wanted to show the ocean and its creatures accurately but VIBRANTLY to really captivate the imagination.  So, at the craft store down the acrylic paint aisle, our conversation went something like this

WHO IS ZALE? Zale is a Greek name meaning “the power of the sea”

zale poof

In Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl, Zale is a true adventurer, exploring the ocean as he changes into real ocean creatures.  Each animal he changes into gives him a unique adventure and experience. continue reading…



Before I really started getting into painting, I thought that a brush was a brush, and it didn’t really matter much. But I must confess, as strange as it may sound, I have developed a bond with a select few brushes that make paint magic!

Meet the magic makers, along with SNEAK PEEKS into Zale’s Tales: A Quest for the Magic Pearl: continue reading…


sea stars

In Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl, countless sea stars gathered together around the magic pearl.  They, along with many other ocean creatures, were captivated by the pearl’s magic glow.  You or your young ones may be wondering, “But how do sea stars move?  Can they see where they are going?”

Read on for the answers and kid-friendly fun facts to share with your young one(s)!