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Accidentally on Porpoise by EveRett Taylor - children's book cover - shark and porpoise

Our new book is here!

Dive into a playful undersea MISadventure packed with ocean animals

Written + Illustrated by our founders EveRett Taylor


I'm Eve Taylor.

Ocean educator,


founder, and beach lover.

I created Living Porpoisefully® to spread ocean love + share its wonders.


Dive into hands-on virtual courses in our Living Porpoisefully® Sea School

living porpoisefully® sea school - Eve snorkeling and holding a cushion sea star starfish

books for kids

Our magical ocean animal tales bring a splash of learning

Written + illustrated by Eve and her husband Rett (EveRett) Taylor

ocean children's books by EveRett Taylor - Living Porpoisefully - Accidentally on Porpoise, AB and the 7 Seas, Mira the Misfit Sea Dragon, and Zale's Tales


Love the ocean + choose eco-sustainable

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Eve's events

Inspire ocean love with a visit from Eve

Eve's Events - Living Porpoisefully ocean children's author speaker

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About Us - Eve and Rett of Living Porpoisefully

Sharing ocean love is our purpose (well...porpoise!)

Eve spent 16 years teaching marine science to kids of all ages after getting her master's degree in science education. She dreamed to inspire ocean love around the globe.

She teamed up with her ocean-loving husband Rett, and together they've created:

  • Living Porpoisefully® virtual Sea School
  • 6 ocean children's books (EveRett Taylor)
  • an eco-minded online shop
  • tons of educational resources + crafts

We're a small family-owned business on a mission to make waves of positivity.

Join us to explore the ocean world + make waves!

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Living Porpoisefully® Sea School

a tropical adventure at your fingertips

Courses range from single 45 min. activities to 5 day units

Video adventures of up-close experiences with ocean animals + labs

Fun n' games like printable board games, card decks + movement

Hands-on activities you can do at home or in the classroom

Family-friendly coastal experiences wherever you are.

Relax, there's no travel needed. It's all on our course platform!

our designs

Eve + Rett's art inspired our uplifting designs you won't find anywhere else

save our seas

Spread your passion for ocean earth

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You have the power to make waves of positivity

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