Magic Moment Mindfulness – A Mini-Vacation

Feeling overwhelmed or like you need a moment to regroup? If so, we’re right there with you!

We’ve been a little quiet on our site & social lately because we’re in the middle of getting our apparel & goods shop up and running, along with juggling everything else life brings.

And we know that this isn’t just us feeling overwhelmed. The news alone is full of things that can take the wind out of your sails, along with all of life’s stresses these days.

So to help, we’ve created a new episode of “Waves of Positivity” that captures a beautiful, magic moment that we wanted to share with you.

It’ll help you breathe, connect with nature, and re-energize your own inner magic.

When you shine brightly from the inside, you spread waves of positivity to others…which we truly believe makes for a better world to live in.

If you’re new to our waves videos, they’re like little mini-vacations (~3 min), without the stress of travel. Eve gets you settled in and helps you get out of your head, then leaves you to relax with the sea & sunshine!

If you’re missing the beach, this will surely get you a happy dose of Vitamin Sea!

By the way, this works great for kids’ quiet time too, in a calm corner, or if you need a little help getting them to switch to a lower gear. It’s a simple, easy way to practice mindfulness, reduce anxiety, and uplift the spirits for all ages.

We hope after watching that you feel like you’re shining a little brighter, and that you pass on those positive vibes! Get started simply by sharing & sending the link to someone who could use a pick-me-up. #wavesofpositivity

Watch it whenever you need a little love from the sea, and be sure to subscribe to our channel to get all of our future episodes. With much ๐Ÿ’™

Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett

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