3 Minutes to Uplift Your Day: Waves of Positivity Video

It’s time for a mid-day refresh! 

As we’re working on our new eco-friendly line of apparel & goods (coming spring 2022!), the afternoon calls for a pick-me-up when our energy starts to wane and momentum starts to fade.  Sound familiar?

It can be a bit of a struggle for many, so to help get you recharged & re-energized, we’ve created the first YouTube episode of Waves of Positivity, this episode designed to uplift you in the afternoon slump.

It’s like our Relax at the Beach series, but with a little more focus on motivation and positive vibes that help keep the good flowing.

This Mid-Day Refresh episode will help motivate you to focus on the small steps to bring you closer to reaching your goals.  Sometimes just focusing on one small thing helps get the momentum going.  

Use it on a break at work, when you get home in the afternoon, or share with the kids before they start homework.  If you’re a teacher, this would be a great way to encourage mindfulness in the classroom and recharge a sleepy afternoon class!

Here it is, take 3 minutes to uplift your day:

We hope you enjoy the 3-minute mid-day refresh, and of course, feel free to repeat as many times as you need.  Share the good vibes too…as that mid-day slump is something that many of us encounter daily! 

To share, you can text/email the link or post it to social media. #wavesofpositivity

You just never know the positive impact it might make in someone’s day, and the ripples that it can send from there.

We hope you help spread the waves of positivity, and stay tuned for our apparel & goods for more positive waves, coming soon!

Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett

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