Make Waves Kindness Challenge

In celebration of Kindness Week and Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’ve got a FUN challenge that helps get kids excited about making waves of kindness!

And what could be more fun than a kindness challenge with an OCEAN theme!? (Okay, we might be pretty biased on that one. 😄)

We’ve made a complete kit for you to easily get this fun kindness activity in motion. It includes:

  • a short (3-minute) video to get kids excited
  • a bingo card for them to mark off kindness actions as they go
  • completion certificate in both full color and coloring sheet formats
  • helpful tips for how it works & ideas for rewards

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All of the materials are free and in the post below.

It’s a simple and fun way to encourage small kindness actions that can make a big difference! It can be used in the elementary, primary, homeschool, and pre-K classroom too as a social-emotional (SEL) learning tool to help develop compassion, empathy, and kindness. And at home too of course.

In the Kindness Challenge Video, we’ve added a splash of ocean learning & connectedness, as that’s kinda our thing!

All 9 of the ocean animals in the challenge are from our new children’s book, A.B. and the 7 Seas, which has a whopping 77 ocean wonders! Here’s a peek into it:

We hand-draw and hand-paint all of our illustrations together – Rett does the drawings and both Eve and Rett paint them in.

Of course, the book would make a wonderful addition to the Kindness Challenge and is a splashing adventure of discovery of the ocean world!

Below you’ll find the video, printable downloads, and tips for how it works:

Kindness Challenge Video:

Printable Downloads:

How It Works:

  1. Print (or download & mark it digitally) the Make Waves Kindness Bingo Card
  2. Show kids the Make Waves Kindness Challenge Video & get them excited about the challenge
  3. Decide the level of reward. If your kiddos need smaller chunks of success, when they get 3 in a row/column/diagonal, they get a reward (see below for some ideas). If not, they’ll be aiming for all 9 in a week (or other timeline you choose) to get the certificate.
  4. Encourage your kids throughout the challenge as they make waves of kindness towards others, the planet, and themselves. If needed, teach them ways to lend a helping hand, help someone younger than them, things they can share, etc. Check in with them to see how they’re doing with the challenge, and celebrate their success and also for doing more than what’s on the challenge!
  5. Celebrate when they’ve completed the challenge: download the completion certificate below (either full color or coloring sheet), and display proudly! FYI: We’re planning to add more challenges soon, so you might want to start a folder.

For a little extra motivation along the way and break it up into smaller segments for your little ones, the bingo card can be used in true bingo form (a complete column, row, or diagonal). You can offer rewards for each completed bingo, like:

  • playing their favorite game (whether it’s sports, a card or board game, or on the screen)
  • time with a fidget toy, spinner, slime, etc.
  • making a sensory bottle (here are 7 ideas for ocean-themed sensory bottles)
  • painting, a craft or other art project
  • discovering ocean animals with our Ocean Telescope Activity
  • sensory table time
  • listening to music and dancing
  • reading a book together (A.B. and the 7 Seas would be perfect to go along!)
  • screen time
  • other special activity your child or children love to do

If your kids are at a level where they can complete the 9 strategies without breaking it into smaller goals, you can head straight to the certificate as their reward.

We hope this makes a splash and that you have fun encouraging your little ones to make waves of kindness! Stay tuned for more challenges coming soon (subscribe to our YouTube channel).

Know a teacher, parent, or other grown-up who might want to get their kids making waves of kindness?  Keep the waves going by sending them this post, pinning on Pinterest, and sharing on social media!

💙Live porpoisefully,

Eve & Rett (Everett) Taylor

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