16 Inspirational Quotes for Beach Lovers

If you’re like us, the beach is your happy place no matter what mood you might be in. Time by the sea is like getting a hug from your best friend who knows and loves you, and always leaves you feeling better than before.

The inspiration we get from the ocean is unlike any other!

So, we’ve rounded up 16 of our best inspirational beach quote photos in one place for those times that you need some positive vibes and boost of inspiration.

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1. One Step at a Time

Footprints in the sand are such a beautiful reminder to take things one step at a time. When we focus on the step before us, life can unfold exactly as it needs to.

2. Feel Gratitude

Gratitude is a magic antidote that can dissolve negativity of all kinds. When we pause a moment to be grateful, it can help to clear away the negative mental cobwebs and instill peace.

3. Listen To the Waves

This one is the ocean version of “Stop and smell the roses.” Wherever you are, tuning into nature helps de-stress and keep calm! We love listening to wave sounds, whether we’re at the beach or listening to waves via technology.

Here’s a wave sound video:

4. Connect with Loved ones

Whether it’s playing a game, going for a walk or bike ride, or cooking together, connecting with loved ones always nourishes the soul. Making time for these moments can lift worries and replace them with smiles. Of course, your loved ones can include the non-human varieties too! 🙂

5. Radiate Your Inner Glow

There’s such a glow in you, and sometimes it needs a little dusting off! When you radiate the true you, it lifts you and everyone around you up.

6. Every Day is a new Adventure

When you look at each day as a new adventure, your whole perspective changes!

7. Dream Big

Give yourself the freedom to dream big. Whether it’s a daydream or something you plan on paper, having a dream to follow and build can lift you to greater heights.

8. Be still

image quote: be still

Our go-to daily morning ritual is finding a piece of stillness, making the rest of the day flow a bit smoother. Of course, we’ll take any moment of stillness any time of the day!

9. Movement is good for the Soul

image quote: movement is good for the soul

When you’re stuck in a rut, physical movement can help you get unstuck! Do something you enjoy, like yoga, running, biking, or walking. If you’re stuck inside, use a workout app or video, or make up your own circuit routine for fun.

10. Down Time

Sometimes we feel like we’re wasting time, but in reality that down time gives us the juice that energizes us. So, indulge in some down time, knowing that you’ll be recharged in the end.

11. Be Thankful for Life’s Treasures

Whether it’s as small as a cup of tea, or large as special times with family, being thankful for life’s treasures resets your mind to focus on the positive.

12. Relax

If you’re always on the go or feeling like you need to be busy, sometimes just relaxing is what the doctor ordered! So, make yourself take a break, take a breath, and truly relax for a moment.

13. Unplug

None of us are immune to screens, and taking a break from them is deeply restorative. It can be putting away your devices at a certain time in the evening or taking a full day (or more) screen-free.

14. Go on, Take a Nap

What may feel like a guilty pleasure may really be one of the best things you can do for yourself! So, when that afternoon slump hits, why not give yourself a 20 minute rest?

15. Do What Sets Your Soul on Fire

When you feel like you’re not sure what to do next, it’s time to turn inward and discover what sets your soul on fire. In other words, what makes you light up? We all feel more like ourselves when we give that part of us the freedom to be.

16. Look Up Once In a While

Lifting your head up and looking skyward has a stress-relieving effect that seems to lift the heavy loads you might be carrying around. Try it!

We hope you can feel the positive vibes, beach hugs, and a boost of inspiration from these!

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Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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