DIY Coastal Rustic Wood Plaque

This sweet, perfection-not-needed craft will bring the beach home and make summer last just a little bit longer!

We’ve been slow on the web lately, and for good reason: we’ve moved!  It’s a new chapter in our lives, and we’re so excited to now be a bit more settled in our new home so that we can get back to delivering you all sorts of sea, sand, and soul.  We’ve missed sharing with you!

So, what better way to get us back rolling than a crafty adventure to celebrate the home?  Amidst all of the boxes to unpack, house projects, and redecorating, we’ve made a sunny sea-inspired craft that’s perfect for bringing the beach indoors.

A wood plaque combined with sea glass and shells, plus stencil painting that doesn’t need to be perfect, and you’ve got rustic coastal bliss!  It would make for a charming housewarming gift too.

So, get inspired, make your own tweaks, and embark on your own crafting adventure that’s sure to make summer last just a little longer!

What you’ll need:

  • hot glue gun
  • wood plank wall plaque (we used 10″ x 10″)
  • white chalky paint
  • small foam pouncer
  • adhesive stencils for letters (we used these typewriter alphabet ones from Martha Stewart)
  • heart stencil or silkscreen (we used the heart and the word “the” from this set)
  • broken shell pieces or crushed shell vase filler
  • small sea glass pieces (vase filler)

(pictured but we didn’t end up needing to use: sandpaper, white sand)

How to Make It:

1. Apply the stencils & silkscreens.  Press them on good so that paint doesn’t get squeezed underneath.  Of course, the beauty of this design is that perfection is however you end up doing it!  Going outside the lines can actually be a good thing. 🙂

2. Use the foam pouncer to dab on paint over the stencils (the less runny the paint, the better — you can leave some on the lid to dry up a little if needed).  You’ll need to carefully remove the “E” stencil, rinse it, and re-position it:

3. For the silkscreens, I like to use my finger to apply the paint in an up-and-down dabbing motion:

4. Peel up the stencils and silkscreens, and rinse them.

diy coastal rustic wood plaque craft STEP 2d

5. For the next part, we recommend just painting inside the heart with the white paint.  We tried to glue white sand in the heart but the effect wasn’t as great as we thought it would be.  Really, white paint would have been better.  But here’s what we did so you can see:

6. Once the inside of the heart is dry, hot glue pieces of broken seashells around the border of the heart (careful of your fingers!)…

…and then hot glue pieces of sea glass inside the heart:

diy coastal rustic wood plaque craft STEP 5

And there you have it!  A sweet reminder that home is where the heart is.

diy coastal rustic wood plaque - seaglass and shell craft

From our rustic coastal home to yours,

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors


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