9 Rustic-Coastal Christmas Decor Ideas

As you’re getting in full Christmas spirit and making your last-minute touches, we’re inviting you into our sunroom for a quick cup of cozy!  We’ve decked it all out with a touch of the coast and a cozy rustic feel.

We hope the ideas inspire you, whether it’s a last-minute touch (like a basket of clementines or driftwood-filled lantern) or something that you’ll plan for next year’s festivities!

Here they are:

9. Jute & Plaid Pillows

The cream pillows with jute trim are normally something you might see as a summer item, but combined with a red plaid pillow, it gives it a festive feel.


8.  DIY “Sea Oats” (Wheat) Wreath

This has become a favorite in our house almost all year round.  We originally made it to welcome the fall season, but loved it so much that we left it up for Christmas too.  (Click here for the DIY post.)  Paired with nautical rope and a nearby hanging stocking, it fits right in.


7. Linen & Burlap Tree Skirt

Just a touch of natural materials of linen and burlap helps set the relaxed yet cheerful tone.


6. Driftwood-Filled Lantern

This one is easy!  Just fill a lantern with a candle and driftwood pieces (ones you may have found or you can buy a driftwood garland).  To make it festive, simply tie a red ribbon around its center.

5. Tropical Flower Arrangement

With red birds-of-paradise, cream orchids, and green fronds, all in a brown rattan vase, the colors add its island personality to the Christmas theme!  We made this combo to keep out all year, and realized its Christmas colors were begging to be included in the holiday-scape too.

tropical Christmas flower arrangement (533x800).jpg

4. Clementine Basket With Rustic Bow

A basket of fresh fruit can really liven up the space!  Paired with a simple rustic bow we made, it adds a farmhouse look.


3. Rope Garland

On the tree, we used a rope for a garland.  We had a bunch lying around to use for crafts, and the length came out just right.  (How’s that for a Christmas miracle!?)  About 9 feet per foot of tree is a good estimate on how much you’ll need.


2. Festive Coastal Pillows

These starfish & sand dollar wreath pillows (from Pier 1) tie in the coastal theme quite perfectly, while keeping the red, green, and natural color palette too.


1. Sea-inspired Ornaments

Our tree wouldn’t be complete without a touch of the sea!  The starfish and seashell ornaments were DIY creations (click here for the how-to), and we found the wooden whale ornament at a gift shop on our trip to Maine.

Here are some other ornaments on our tree, several of them handmade:

Here’s what it looks like all together:

And the tree at night:


We hope you enjoyed the quick cup of cozy at our house!  Wishing you peace, love, and joy for your holidays and new year,

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors


4 thoughts on “9 Rustic-Coastal Christmas Decor Ideas

  1. Quite a variety of interesting and attractive nautical holiday decorations adding atmosphere and ambiance! It is inspiring to see how many self-made projects can add a festive theme, continuity and warmth to a home especially for sea-lovers. I found the monkey’s fist knot on the sea oats wreath to be a surprisingly decorative and interesting transformation of the practical knot historically used to weight a lifesaving throwing line to a man-overboard and similarly thrown ship-to-ship. Thanks for the virtual visit into your beautiful home!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

    1. Thank you for your note! So glad you found these to be warm and festive additions to the season and that you the monkey’s fist knot holds a fun twist for you (no pun intended!) 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and best wishes for a happy New Year!

  2. I want to come to your house for the holidays! I know you must be enjoying hot tea as you take it all in. I love the reflection of the tree lights against the twilight sky. Gorgeous!

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