Polar Animals Printable Ornament & Learning Page (FREE!)

With winter in full force, it’s a perfect time to celebrate polar animals!  We’ve got a cozy ornament craft with a splash of learning too.

We’re excited to share two new printables we’ve designed for you: a polar animals reversible ornament PLUS a polar animals learning sheet!

It’s a great way to have some crafty fun while celebrating the animals of the North & South Poles!  Plus, kids can learn which animals live in each pole — something that is often times mixed up.

The hand-drawn illustrations come from our near-and-dear children’s book Zale’s Tales: The Ocean Seeker, where Zale and his friends play hide-and-seek around the globe’s ocean, magically changing into real sea creatures.

(If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing some epic fun and stellar sea animals.  It would make a fabulous Christmas gift & family adventure to go along with this craft!  Click here to purchase on Amazon.)

ZT2 - Preview5

The ornament printable is incredibly versatile and simple: you can Mod Podge it to cardboard, wood, or metal.  Or even a jar lid!


To make it:

  1. Print this file on cardstock or regular paper (we used cardstock)
  2. Cut out ornaments
  3. Brush on some Mod Podge (the back first to attach to ornament base, then the front)
  4. Once dry, decorate to your heart’s content with ribbon, sequins, glitter, or pom-poms

You can make it double sided, or two separate ornaments.

Tip: Use wax paper as a work surface to prevent sticking.


While you’re waiting for it to dry, it’s a great time to learn about these spectacular animals!  We’ve made a fun learning sheet for kids to learn the animal names and where their homes are.

Click here or the image below for a pdf printable.  To check the answers, just look at the ornament. (North Pole: polar bears, narwhal, harp seal; South Pole: leopard seal & penguins)



We hope you enjoy the cozy craft and celebration of polar animals!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

P.S. –  Want more ornament printables?  We’ve also made a Winter Ocean Wonderland printable ornament!  (Click here.)


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