4 Simple Coastal Gift-Worthy Crafts

We’re sharing 4 easy crafts to pick & choose from for beach lovers!

With the holidays coming up and you’re searching for that perfect gift idea, it’s always fun to make a DIY gift for someone!  If you’ve got a beach addict in your life (or two or three), you can’t go wrong with these simple & chic coastal DIY gifts.

The handmade aspect makes it especially unique and lovely, and you’ll get to enjoy a fun crafting adventure too.

And no one says these can’t be gifts for yourself, either!  May as well make one for yourself while you’re at it 🙂

Here they are, we hope the ideas inspire you!

1. Coastal Crab Wall Art


Here’s what you’ll need:


Apply the crab silkscreen onto the beadboard plaque & dab with gray chalky paint with your finger onto the crab.  Easy does it, don’t do circular motions, just an up-and-down motion so paint doesn’t spread under the silkscreen.  Peel up the silkscreen once you’ve dabbed paint onto all of the openings, and rinse the silkscreen:

Use hot glue around the border to attach the rope, and cut the end:

So simple!


2. Crab Charger Plates


What you’ll need:

(not shown: crème wax to protect chalky paint design [see picture below] or an acrylic clear-coat spray]

For the charger plates, we found some at the craft store that had a faux wood grain (search “faux wood charger plates” to find online).  We painted a darker brown over it first, then white chalky paint once the brown was dry:

After it was dry, we used sandpaper to distress it:


Then we taped on the the crab silkscreen and applied gray chalky paint as we did with the wall art above:

Once dry, use a cloth to wipe the charger clean.  Then use a clean cloth to apply a crème wax or spray it with an acrylic clear-coat to seal.  Just to help protect the design!


All done!


3. Sea Star Napkin Rings


What you’ll need:

If you’re starting with plain wood napkin rings from the craft store, and want to get a white distressed look, paint the rings with dark brown paint, then white chalky paint once dry.  Then use sandpaper to distress it:

To apply the rope, use the hot glue gun to dab a bit in the center and press the rope on.  Then, continue gluing down the rope as you curl it around itself.  To finish, glue the mini faux sea star on top of the rope. (We use this faux starfish vase filler from Pottery Barn for our crafts – using faux helps reduce pressure on starfish populations.)

Complete the gift with a set of napkins if you choose!sea-star-and-rope-napkin-rings

4. Starfish & Rope Lantern

This one is too easy.  Just add sand, faux sea stars, and a candle to a rope lantern.  Click here for the details!starfish and sand rope lantern (6)

They’re all easy to make, you can mix and match, and even add sea salt chocolates or a sea salt body scrub to make it extra luxurious.


We hope you enjoyed the crafty coastal ideas.  Above all, keep it simple, fun, and joyful!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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  1. Fantastic! I just got a new dining room table. These little projects will be perfect for my nautical theme. Just hope I get them finished before the holidays. I also love how simple these projects are .

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