DIY Spooky-Splashy Halloween Treat Bags (FREE printable tags!)

This easy festive treat bag is a fun way to make Halloween spooky-splashy!  Our FREE printable tags give it that extra ocean-spiked spunk.

The bag itself is a piece of cake, and the tags really give it its swag!  Our hand-painted sea creatures (from our children’s book Shalloween) just can’t help but bring their festive spirit to the spooky holiday.  Ghost crabs, batfish, vampire squid!?   SO FUN!

(Haven’t picked up Shalloween yet?  Click here for what started the spooky-splashy-ness.)

We used a simple brown paper lunch bag, but the tags are so versatile for almost any kind of wrapping.  And the inside is up to you: sweet candy, salty snacks, goodies, or fun coloring sheets & crayons are sure to make it an enviable goody bag at any Halloween party or event!

Here’s how we made ours:

You’ll need:


  • orange paint (we used acrylic craft paint, but any orange paint will do)
  • foam pouncer or circular stamp
  • piece of cardboard or paper plate (something to put the paint on)
  • brown paper lunch bags*
  • card stock
  • printable tags (click here)
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • twine*

*As a recyclable & biodegradable option, we opted for brown paper bags and twine.

How to make it:

-You may want to put newspaper or cardboard under the bags so that paint doesn’t get on your table or floor.-

1. Put some paint onto the cardboard or paper plate.  Press the foam pouncer into the orange paint until the bottom of the foam surface is all coated, then dab the pouncer onto the brown paper bag to make polka dots.

Re-dab the pouncer into paint as needed.  To do both sides of the bag, be sure to let dry before flipping.

2. While it’s drying, print the printable on card stock, cut on the lines and hole punch each tag.  You can also cut and loop the twine into the hole to get it ready.

3. Once the paint is dry, fill the bag with your goodies of choice, fold & hole punch the bag, and tie the tag onto the bag with twine.

And that’s it!  The twist of sea creatures with names that come from traditional Halloween monsters & costumes will spice things up in a fun way, while celebrating the REAL sea creatures too.

Ghost crabs, batfish, vampire squid, and goblin sharks for the spooky “monsters” and angelfish and clownfish for angel and clown costumes that are Halloween classics. 🙂tie-twine-in-a-bow-2-533x800Whether it’s for a party or just because, we hope you relish the kid-like joy of sharing the spooky ocean spunk and have a happy Halloween!spooky-splashy-halloween

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

P.S. – If you missed our FREE Halloween coloring sheets, click here!free-printable-halloween-coloring-sheets

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