Spark Change for a Healthy Ocean!

Many people don’t know that their actions make a difference (or how to!).  With World Oceans Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to change that.

It’s almost World Oceans Day (June 8th), and we’re taking the chance to share just how much the ocean means to the world!  It truly is a global ocean that connects us all.

Of course, it’s a place that many of us can’t get enough of through sublime vacations to the coast, breathtaking seascapes & wondrous sea creatures on TV, and also keeping the beach close at heart until the next visit.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

The ocean also gives us things we need each day, like much of our oxygen (enjoy breathing?) and a livable climate!  In fact, if you’ve ever gotten a vaccine to keep you from getting sick (the vast majority of us!), the humble horseshoe crab made sure it was safe to give.

The ocean gives us so much whether we live inland or by the coast, but most of us don’t even realize it.  And what’s more, no matter where we live, we all have an intensely eye-opening impact on our ocean too.

To get you in the loop and inspired to make a difference, we’ve created an infographic using the artwork from our children’s books.  This is something we’re incredibly passionate about, take a look why:

Spark Change for a Healthy Ocean Infographic (Everett Taylor)

Pretty eye-opening, isn’t it?  Yes, it’s true: We need our ocean, and our ocean needs US!  It’s something that isn’t often taught in schools (why not!?) and we’ve got to shine a light on it.

Now, what you do from here can change the world (and make your own life healthier immediately), so start NOW!  Take another look at the “How to Help” section of the infographic and decide which you will do first:

  • Are you a die-hard seafood eater?  Check out before ordering another potentially depleted or toxic fish.
  • Know others who have no idea about this?  Get the word out!  Start by sharing this article.
  • Not sure if the products you use might be harmful?  Look at labels and make the choice to use products that are kind to the environment.
  • Are you a zombie (like we all can be!) when it comes to water, electricity & gasoline use?  Make the choice to be more awake to these.
  • Are you in a habit of using single-use plastic bottles, containers and bags?  Buy a reusable water container to fill each day, and start using reusable bags & containers.
  • Are recycling & picking up litter a part of your daily life?  Get started today with plastic, paper, and glass!  For more, this A-Z guide from Real Simple magazine tells how to recycle or reuse anything.

To help you get started with getting the word out, here’s the link to share this with everyone you know and spread awareness (that is, after all, the foundation for action!):

It’s time to spark change for a healthy ocean, which is really sparking change for a healthy you and I.  What actions are you going to take to be that spark?

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

P.S. – We couldn’t resist making a shareable Happy World Ocean Day greeting & poster too.  You’re free to share and use it for your World Ocean Day celebrations! 🙂

Happy World Ocean Day!

10 thoughts on “Spark Change for a Healthy Ocean!

  1. Hi, Taylors! Great work you’re doing here. I’m a graduate student at Scripps Institution studying marine conservation and science communication/outreach. I was wondering if I could use your “We need our ocean…” infographic to share informally with my friends and family on social media. It’s too cute to not pass it along!

    1. Hi Erika, yes we would absolutely be thrilled if you shared the infographic and helped to get the word out! We checked out your “about me” page and are amazed at the work you are doing. Thanks so much for reaching out to us. Keep in touch and keep up the good work!

  2. I am a science teacher. Do you sell the “We need the oceans” poster? I need it for my classroom.

    1. Ahhh I wish we could say we do! But it would be a great lesson base for kids to explore online and spark a classroom discussion. They could even pick one of the ocean issues or ways to help and investigate it further. Sorry we don’t have it in poster format to sell. Hope it sparks some good conversations as a classroom lesson, though! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed the informative and artistic Spark Change for Healthy Oceans with useful reference links, and also the terrific review of Jekyll Island that is well-described, with great photos too. Makes me want to go back already!! Thanks Taylors !!!!

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