Our Top 7 All Year Resolutions

While we’re big believers in making and striving toward our goals and resolutions all throughout the year, the new year is a great time to take a fresh look at them!  So, here are our top 7 intentions for the new year, along with brand new shareable “seas-the-day” quote images:

1. Consciously take time to be still each day.

image quote: be still

This one’s a big one for us to constantly work at but so worth it.  Consciously taking time out during the day for moments of stillness and mindfulness (through quiet time, yoga, or meditation) reaps huge benefits: bringing peace, calm, and a sense of aliveness to each moment.  It seems to keep life from spinning out of control, gives a sense of clarity, and sets the stage for life to happen a little more purposefully!


2. Spend time in the ways that balance us.

find your balance

To help give us a sense of balance in our daily lives, we’re striving to ensure that each day has time after work for relaxing, being playful, exercising, quiet reflection, cooking healthy meals, and getting a good night’s sleep.

With full time jobs, creating children’s books, a house to take care of, and to-do lists that never end, life can crowd this intention and suck it up like a black hole!

But when we consciously take time so that these things are incorporated, we find ourselves feeling the balance shift to a better well-being and fewer feelings of being overwhelmed.  It is forever a challenge, and each day is its own individual quest!

3. Move more.

living porpoisefully image quote: movement is good for the soul

For us, it’s picking out the days of the week to first get into our workout clothes and then get active!  Even if it’s not what we think is our “best”, just by doing it helps to reset ourselves.  Making it a thing we do on a regular basis and not just once in awhile is where we’re aiming!


4. Express gratitude each day.

express gratitude for life's blessings

There is always something to be thankful for, but so often we forget that.  Remembering each day to give thanks gives us perspective and appreciation that makes life so much fuller and more meaningful.

5. Connect with loved ones.

connect with loved ones

With the pace of life running faster than we’d like sometimes, we are consciously working to take time to connect with loved ones.  While it’s not going to be perfect, we’re trying to be more regular about calling close relatives, making dates for catching up with friends, and sending messages through the web to those far away.  Connecting with others gives us life’s most meaningful treasures!

6. Do more of what sets our souls on fire.

do what sets your soul on fire

We get overjoyed creating our picture books to inspire wonder for the ocean in children!  It also lights us up to be able to share our passion for the ocean with others through our blog here.  So, we’re making it a priority on the weekends to work on adding to our book collection and blog posts, so cleaning the floors will have to wait.  Oh, and when that TV show that we’re not really into comes on, may we be reminded of the things that truly set our souls on fire!

7. Be a friend to others and our environment.

make the world a better place

Being a positive force by truly caring about others and the impact we make on them and our environment is something we feel can make the world a better place.

The simplest of actions can make a difference: a genuine smile that starts in the eyes, offering our help, donating things that don’t resonate anymore, recycling, choosing sustainable seafood, and being more thoughtful about the resources we consume.

While we can get overwhelmed with all of the vast number of things we can do, it’s taking a step back and making the effort to do something about it with purpose.


So there you have it, our top 7 intentions that will keep us growing through the year.  We’ll certainly come back to this list during the year, make some tweaks, and be reminded again of our intentions with renewed spirit.

May your new year be deeply fulfilling, joyful, and your best one yet.

Live porpoisefully,

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