Behind-the-Scenes Into Our New Book (Shalloween)

We had so much fun creating a Halloween-themed children’s book with an ocean twist that we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into how we illustrated Shalloween.  Each page is truly a labor of love, so get ready to see it come alive!

First, we get our vision down on paper with practice sketches:

And then when we’re happy with it, it gets transferred to art paper:

Then the painting begins!  We paint backgrounds first, and then detailed elements.  Color is a big part of the painting, and we get so excited picking the best colors for each component.  (See our Choosing Color post for more on that!)

Here’s a glimpse into the steps for the shipwreck painting.  (Roll over the pictures for their captions.)

It is definitely a step-by-step process, and each painting can take at least a few hours to complete.


And here’s one more behind-the-scenes look into our artwork for you.  The witches page is being finished up in this one.  There are so many different colors that we use! (See all of the paint bottles and colors on the palette!?)

DSC08737 - Copy

Well, what do you think?  We so enjoy fusing art and the ocean world and we hope that it inspires wonder in children from all over!  Making the animals appear realistic yet full of charisma is one of our missions on our children’s book journey.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look into the illustrations of Shalloween!  If you’re wondering how to share it with the ocean-loving youngsters in your life, you can click here to order it on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more of our Halloween and fall festivities and, as always, live porpoisefully!

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