Feed Your Inner Marine Biologist!

Image credit: http://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/giant-pacific-octopus-the-alien-at-your-doorstep/

Are you a lover of ocean life?  Do you find yourself being awestruck when you see pictures or video of the ocean realm?  Or maybe you just have an inkling of an interest and an overall feeling of “marine biologists have really cool jobs.”

Well, in case you’re new here, our mission is to infuse a love for the ocean into everyday life and inspire wonder for the ocean through our children’s books.  So it should come as no surprise that we feel strongly that this wonderful curiosity that you might’ve expressed to the above questions MUST be fed!

In our post today, we wanted to introduce you to a fantastic feast that will fuel that curiosity!  It’s a blog called Sea Creature Fact of the Week, and the author of the blog gives you the juicy details behind a different sea creature each week.  Here’s this week’s fact sheet, on one of my favorite creatures (I think I say that every week), the Giant Pacific Octopus:

giant pacific octopus

We just love the author’s enthusiasm for ocean creatures!  The once-a-week fact sheet is easily digestible, has beautiful photos, and doesn’t take a long time to read.   There are also very helpful sections on marine conservation, sustainable seafood, and classroom resources.  (Would make a great resource for ocean units for teachers or school projects too!)

So feed your inner marine biologist and curiosity about the mysterious ocean depths – go on over and check out Sydney’s blog at SeaCreatureFacts.com.

Live porpoisefully!

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