Big News: Our 2nd Book is Here!

Shalloween - Front Cover

With the fall season starting to make its entrance, we can’t help but hold our exciting news hostage for much longer.  So here it is!  We’ve been busily working on our second children’s book this summer, and it is now hot off the press!

Yes, we’ve been secretly toiling to create a fun and lighthearted ocean-themed Halloween adventure, and we’ve named it….SHALLOWEEN!

So in celebration, we’re going to share a preview of the book with you today…

Like many kids, the star of the book is afraid of the dark.  But he is a flashlight fish (a real sea creature!) named Ray, who has the amazing ability to glow when he’s scared.


This comes in handy at an undersea Halloween party at an old shipwreck.


He meets some creepy looking guests inside the ship at the Halloween party, but realizes (as his light grows brighter) that they’re just his sea creature buddies.

What he thought were cackling witches spelling around a cauldron were just his hagfish friends cooking for the party…

What he thinks is a vampire and beady-eyed bats are actually his friends a vampire squid and batfish…

…and he realizes that the moaning ghosts are a ghost shrimp and a ghost crab that are munching on candy!

We love that these are real sea creatures that inspire a wonder for the ocean, and also infuses a light-hearted Halloween spirit with a theme of being scared of the dark.  We’re keeping the ending a secret because it’s so heartwarming you just have to experience it yourself.

Here’s a special preview of the first few pages of the book:

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Ok so we know at this point you want to know how to get your hands on this to share the ocean Halloween spirit with the kids of all ages in your life!  Well, it’s easily available to order for Halloween at Amazon (click here).  Please share this with anyone and everyone you think might enjoy a lighthearted Halloween tale!

We just love Halloween and fall, so to celebrate the season and our new book, we’re going to have several posts to kick off an ocean-inspired fall.  Ocean Halloween costumes, fall coastal decorating, pumpkin carving, and more!

So get your pumpkins, cinnamon brooms, and apple spice candles, and we’ll bring the fall spirit through our posts.  We hope you enjoy the festivities as much as we do.  Live porpoisefully!

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