The Perfect DIY Housewarming Gift

This could be the easiest yet most heartfelt gift that works for so many different occasions.

Do you have a go-to gift for celebrating special milestone occasions?  I wanted to share one with you that I’ve found to be a universal, easy-to-personalize, and warmly received gift.

It’s worked fabulously for many different occasions, such as housewarming, wedding, retirement, and even a substitute for an Easter basket (fill it with candy!).

It’s the incredible lantern!  There are so many different ways to customize it, whether it’s for a particular season, color, or style of decor.  With endless possibilities, each lantern can be unique so it doesn’t feel like I’m giving the same gift over and over again.

Here’s one that I etched with glass etching cream:


Here’s one that I painted using glass paint:


And here’s one without the monogram that’s even simpler.  Since this one was for our new neighbors, we added in our phone numbers and names so they would have our contact information.  I of course love the sea glass and wine cork combination!

lantern housewarming gift

With a printed tag to bring warm wishes to the occasion, it makes the gift even more personal. I love the sentiment that the new home or retirement will be “brightly lit with joy, laughter, and love” to play on the lantern theme!


I think this would make a wonderful gift for the holidays too, really almost any time of year or occasion!  You can use a wax candle, or one that is battery operated and has a timer so that it will come on automatically in the evening.

Here’s a printable of the lantern gift tags to make it even easier:

printable lantern tags

There are endless options, whether you monogram it or come up with different filler designs.  If you want to see the details on the glass etched lantern, here’s the DIY:

Monogrammed Glass Etched Lantern

You’ll need:

  • a glass lantern
  • adhesive stencils
  • glass etching cream
  • small paint brush
  • timer candle + batteries
  • bag of river rock (I used half of one) or other decorative filler
  • written or printed gift tag
  • twine and scissors


  1. Position an adhesive stencil on the glass lantern.


2. Paint the stencil openings with the glass etch cream and let sit for 10 minutes (the package said one minute, but I wanted to be extra sure it was enough!)


3. Rinse off the etch cream after 10 minutes, using the brush to help.


4. Dry the lantern and remove the stencil.


5. Position the letter stencil and paint the openings as you did before.


6. Wait 10 minutes and rinse cream as you did before.  Dry the lantern and peel off the stencil.


7. Set and add a timer candle to the inside of the lantern.  With a 5-hour timer, I set it to go on at 6:15pm (meaning I waited until this time to flip the switch) for the new homeowners to enjoy each evening!


8. Add river rock or other decorative filler to the lantern.


9. Print or write a tag, and punch a hole or two in it to tie around the lantern with twine


How simple is that!?  It’s a gift you’ll love to give and want to keep giving.  Enjoy!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

The perfect DIY housewarming gift


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