Listen to the Waves: Wave Sounds Roundup

Listening to the waves is an ultimate stress reliever!  We rounded up 5 links & apps to take you there right now.

Just sitting at the beach and listening to sea’s charming song can bring complete relaxation and incredible feelings of joy, calm, and peaceful exuberance!

But what if you’re miles from the beach, far from that sweet song?  Thankfully, we can bring it to us with the help of modern technology.  Here are our five favorites, take a listen (and a watch in some cases!):

BONUS: Since the posting of this, we’ve created a new Relax at the Beach video series that gives you a 3-minute beach break.  Check it out:

Relax at the Beach 3 minute relaxation sessions on YouTube from Living Porpoisefully

1. 3 hour video of waves crashing on the shore: put it on full-screen during your lunch if you eat at your desk and keep it on for the sounds when you return to work.

2. 10 minute video of a beautiful Caribbean beach (you’ll see there are more segments you can select on YouTube too):

3. “Simply Being” app – lets you simply “be” with the choice of background sound of relaxing ocean waves:

4. “Relax & Rest” app – very restful and restorative guided meditations with the option to set the background of ocean waves:

5. And here’s another YouTube masterpiece that has beautiful piano mixed with ocean waves:


Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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