Happy Mother’s Day

happy mothers day

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we thought we’d take a minute to introduce you to some of the most famous ocean mothers!

In the ocean world, mothers and the extent of their motherhood are very diverse.  Some ocean dwellers never know their mothers, and others form a bond with their mothers that lasts a lifetime.

Sounds kind of like the range of possible mothers that people can have too, doesn’t it!

Some, like tuna and sailfish, are the briefest of mothers, releasing thousands of tiny eggs into the ocean at once, likely never to see their young.

Some take it a little more seriously and guard their eggs before they hatch.  Lobster and crab mothers hold them on their abdomen, while some fish lay them on rock surfaces and keep watch.  Some fish even hold them in their mouth!  Once they hatch, they’re on their own.

The salmon makes an epic trek from ocean waters into estuaries and rivers to find a sheltered spot for their young.  They release several eggs at once after their journey, never to see them again.

Some, like the sea turtle, go through an exhausting event of coming to shore to lay their eggs but also likely never see their young.

The giant octopus takes her job of guarding her eggs deathly serious, and doesn’t even eat while she does.  She dies as a result!

In seahorses, it is the father that “gives birth”; he holds the eggs in a pouch on his belly until they hatch and sends them on their own.  The video below is quite eye-opening!

Some sharks are pregnant for almost two years before giving birth and going their separate ways!

Some ocean creatures, like dolphins and whales, take motherhood to the next level, with a year-long gestation period and then spend a few years caring for them and teaching them survival techniques.  Social whales like orcas are closely knit and guided by the oldest mother (matriarch).

So whether you are a mother, have a mother, or both, we hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some mothers from the sea.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there, underwater and above!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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