Children’s Book Art Station Sneak Peek

art station

Ever wonder what kind of setup or art supplies go into the making of a children’s book? To each artist his or her own, but here’s a special behind-the-scenes look into our art station:

The desk is a fantastic foldable-style that can be folded flat for storage.  We were fortunate to find it during college dorm gear season, and it is the perfect size to hold everything but also not take up too much room.  We love that it is easily movable so that we can take advantage of our sunny sunroom when it’s nice out and move it to our cozy living space otherwise.

art supplies

Next to the easel, we have a tray and bins that work well to store the paint we’re currently using, the many brushes we keep collecting, and plastic salad plates that we use as palettes.  (See our Paintbrush Magic post for more about our favorite brushes.)

We also have some miscellaneous tools, like a pencil, sharpener, eraser, toothpicks (for mixing paint/glaze), and circular containers (for drawing circles).

painting jar

Of course, no painting endeavor will get very far without a vessel of water to rinse your brushes between colors.  Ours has gotten a lovely pattern of drips, mainly aquas and blues since our painting is mostly of the sea.

We use acrylic paint, and of course have many shades of blues, aquas, and sandy tones.  For the sea creatures, we love vibrant colors that will reach through the pages and inspire its readers with ocean wonder!

art station

So there you have it, a window (or door, rather) into our art station setup.

Simple + just the right size + supplies organized + in a cozy peaceful place = the perfect setup for creativity to flow!

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