Stingrays + Beach Safety Tip


This simple technique will help make sure that a stingray hidden in the sand won’t upset your relaxing beach fun!

First of all, did you know that a stingray is a type of FISH that is related to sharks?  Its flat, flexible body is perfect for living on top of the sand.

In Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl, Zale thought that the lost pearl might be found in the sand.  So, he changed into a stingray to “sift the swirling sands.”  This was a very fitting choice for searching here!

stingrays did you know

Now, stingrays are normally very peaceful creatures and not at all aggressive.  But if they’re stepped on unexpectedly or feel threatened, they’ll use their stinger at the base of their tail to defend themselves.

This would certainly bring an end to your beach fun temporarily, so how do you avoid an unexpected encounter with them?  The trick is to do a simple technique called the “Stingray Shuffle” to let the stingray know you’re there.

How to do the Stingray Shuffle?  Simply drag your feet gently through the underwater sand without picking your feet up.

The stingray will gladly skitter away once it knows you’re nearby because of the advance notice you’re giving it by stirring the sand.

If you do touch it, it will be free to swim away and won’t feel pinned down.  Otherwise, you might risk stepping on it, which will cause it to go into defense mode and potentially sting you!

stingrays beach safety tip

If you have young ones, teach them the Stingray Shuffle before your beach trip, and they’ll be shuffling all over the house with excitement!

Of course, the Stingray Shuffle is an important beach safety tip for all ages, so be sure to let everyone in your caravan know about this simple technique.  And, if you know of anyone headed to the beach soon, share this article with them!

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Enjoy your beach trip, and don’t forget to pass this on and share with anyone you know that’s heading to the beach!

Live porpoisefully, The Taylors