Reaching for the (Sea) Stars: How It Started

Reaching for sea starry dreams

There is something so sweet and energizing about reaching for your deepest, most (sea) starry dreams.  For us, what started as an inkling of “Wouldn’t it be amazing to write and illustrate a children’s book about the ocean?” has now transformed into a solid “Let’s make MORE children’s books!”

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It started with a tiny seed that has now sprouted and continues to grow.  You might be wondering how the seed came to be.  We think it may have always been there, even as kids.  We’ve always had a childlike wonder, especially for the oceans and the idea of magic.

Ocean Magic

One of the main catalysts that awakened the seed was after a class of 2nd graders visited my high school Marine Biology classes for an “Ocean Fun Day” that I coordinated.  It was an incredible day of powerful connections being made with the ocean and each other as high schoolers got to teach the elementary kids about the wonders of the sea.

I was overflowing with a sense of amazement at the whole exchange.  The high schoolers, even ones that weren’t very outgoing, were glowing with confidence and pride as they shared their knowledge with the younger students.  For some elementary students, this was their first experience with the ocean’s wonders.

Being able to hold a sea star, sort seashells, look at sand from all over the globe under microscopes, and make 3D jellyfish were just a few of the experiences they encountered that day:

There were many heartwarming exchanges throughout the day that led to me asking myself:

“How can I reach further so that more kids can get inspired by the ocean’s wonders?”  

A children’s book seemed like a way to start, and the seed that had been there in the background was now coming into focus.

And that’s how it started. We took it step by step, ever learning as we go. Keeping the focus on our journey and each step in front of us.  And having the most fun along the way, because when you truly find what tugs at your heartstrings, you just do it for the pleasure of doing it!

What is it that tugs at your heartstrings?  

What have you always wanted to do or thought you’d like to do someday? 

Was there something as a kid that you wanted to do or be?  

What makes you purely joyful or lose track of time when you do it? 

Whatever positive pursuit may come to mind, go after it, and reach for your (sea) stars!  

Stay tuned for more of our journey of “Reaching for the Sea Stars”…

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