Pottery Painting With Silkscreens

painting with silkscreens - easy way to get perfectly detailed DIY art!

On one of my recent pottery painting adventures, I was graciously introduced to silkscreens!  If you’re like me and aren’t familiar with these, it is such an easy, foolproof way of getting a detailed design to perfection.  It almost felt WAY too easy and addicting, as if I could have picked out ten other items to paint the same way right there and then.

Here’s the incredibly easy process:

  1. Pick your piece and paint it the background color you want.  Be sure to paint at least three coats if you don’t want to see brushstrokes.  Since I chose to paint a decidedly “timeless” (not boring at all) cream, and I was going for a beachy feel, I only did one coat. TIP: According to the pottery painting experts, it’s better to paint a darker color on top of the lighter color.  So, with this in mind, I chose my contrast color to be a driftwood inspired gray. crab tray step 1
  2. I decided to use the driftwood inspired gray color to make a border around the edge.  Again, since I was going for a beachy feel, I made it a little uneven in coverage. crab tray border
  3. Now, time for the silkscreen!  There were so many beautiful ocean designs that it was incredibly hard to pick one.  I think I went back and forth at least 20 times.  (I’ll just have to visit again soon so that I can try them all!) I finally landed on the crab, because not only was it a beautiful design, but the size was just perfect for the piece. The other materials besides the silkscreen itself were a gum powder mixed with the gray paint (gum powder is optional, it just thickens the paint) and your finger for applying.  Rub the paste or paint with your finger in circular motions over the silkscreen design, and then lift the silkscreen when finished.  Here’s what the process looked like:

It’s as easy as that, when the shop takes care of the glazing and firing for you!  After this adventure, I found the same silkscreens at my local craft store so that I can make matching crafts.  Stay tuned! painting with silkscreens - easy way to get perfectly detailed DIY art!

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