DIY Burlap & Sea Star Wreath

diy sea star burlap wreath

I’ve been working with burlap lately, and it is such a great material to bring that coastal feel to your home, whether it’s near the beach or not.  There are so many different combinations and looks that you can get from using burlap, but of course in true beach style I had to make my wreath beachy.  Here are the supplies and process that I used, but there are so many possibilities!


  • 1 ½ rolls burlap ribbon
  • wire wreath frame (I used an 18”)
  • about 4 feet of nautical looking rope
  • artificial flowers of your liking
  • artificial sea stars, I used 2
  • twine, optional
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • scissors, wire cutters for artificial flowers
  • optional: hanging sea star to put on the wreath hanger with the wreath


  1. To make a burlap wreath, I searched for videos to walk me through the process. I’d never made one before, so this was a challenge at first! Once you figure it out, and you give up making it “perfect,” it goes rather nicely. I ended up using this video:
  2. Wind the rope around the wreath, securing it around one of the wires by wrapping it or with floral wire.
  3. Trim the flowers as desired and secure them on the wreath using floral wire or hot glue.  I tucked some of them under the rope, and they seemed to be secured just fine.
  4. Attach the artificial sea stars using twine or hot glue.
  5. Hang and enjoy! I also put the hang-able artificial sea star on the wreath hanger so that it would hang in the center.

diy sea star burlap wreath

If you do decide to embark on a burlap wreath adventure, have fun making it your own!

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