DIY Monogrammed Burlap Drawstring Bag

diy monogrammed burlap bag

For a little birthday surprise, I monogrammed burlap drawstring bags and filled them with sea salt caramel chocolates.  They would make fantastic party or wedding favors too.  It was an easy DIY project that requires just five materials:

  • silver sharpie marker
  • stencils of letters and seashell (or printed and cut out like I did)
  • acrylic paint of desired color
  • a paintbrush
  • a burlap drawstring bag (found in packs in the craft store near the party or wedding favors)

acrylic paint & paintbrush

For the monogram, I did an internet search of the letters that I needed, sized them to fit the bag, printed them, and cut them out.  I then used a silver sharpie marker to trace it onto the bag.  I put a piece of paper into the bag to blot any marker and paint that seeped through the holes.

trace monogram

Of course, I couldn’t resist making it sea inspired, so I also printed out a seashell stencil to trace in the top corner.  After that, it was just filling in the lines with paint!

Once dry, fill them to your heart’s desire, mine happened to be sea salt caramel chocolate and dark chocolate!

filled with sea salt caramels and chocolate!

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