Paintbrush Magic + SNEAK PEEK into Zale’s Tales!

Paintbrush Magic + Sneak Peek into Zale's Tales

Before I really started getting into painting, I thought that a brush was a brush, and it didn’t really matter much. But I must confess, as strange as it may sound, I have developed a bond with a select few brushes that make paint magic!

Meet the magic makers, along with SNEAK PEEKS into Zale’s Tales: A Quest for the Magic Pearl:

The main brush crew of Zale's Tales

Each brush has its own effect I’m looking for. I’m sure I use many brushes not in the way they were intended to be used. But my own inexperience and lack of formal training aside, I have come to discover that the brush is truly a connection that allows the creativity from within to materialize and reveal itself!

#1 – This brush is good for close quarters but not pinpoint detail, like the flying fish that Zale transforms into to search the glimmering ocean waves for the lost pearl:

brush 1 Zale's Tales children's book artwork - Zale as a flying fish

#2 – This brush has just the right amount of coarseness and thickness that lets the ends of the brush do the magic, for stippling motions and moving paint around to get an uneven effect.  It worked nicely for the wave crashing over Zale as he tries to grab hold of the pearl:

brush 2 Zale's Tales children's book artwork - Zale as a tiny spiny shrimp

#3 – Is great for a choppy ocean surface (I’ll write a post on this later, it’s one of my favorite brush motions!):

brush 3 Zale's Tales children's book artwork - ocean surface

#4 – My trusty wash brush.  This works great for getting on the background color, for the ocean, sand, and night sky that is similar throughout much of Zale’s journey as he transforms into different ocean creatures:

brush 4 Zale's Tales children's book artwork - layers of water, sand, night sky, sea stars

#5: A more accurate wash – worked great for painting the sunrise scene that Zale wakes up to after his magical journey in the ocean:

brush 5 Zale's Tales children's book artwork - morning sun over water

So there you have it, my favorite brushes and glimpses into Zale’s magical journey into the ocean!   Spark wonder for the ocean and its creatures in a young one you know by sharing with them the wondrous experience of Zale’s ocean adventures.  Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl is available for purchase in a printed copy and e-book at Amazon here.

I know the brushes are no match for Zale’s magical transformation into ocean creatures, but they still work some sort of magic for me.  Now, if I could only find another of each to ensure I have replacements when I inevitably wear them down to a nub!