Georgia Aquarium: An Inland Oasis


Isn’t it wonderful that to experience a sea-inspired life, you don’t necessarily have to be right at the sea? You can ingrain sea-inspired living with how you decorate, or what you cook for dinner, or even the crafts that you make. In this case, it’s also about the places inland that you can visit.


Right in the middle of landlocked, downtown Atlanta is one of the greatest aquariums on the planet. Every time we’re nearby, we try to take an opportunity to see what new exhibits and awe-inspiring sea life they have to offer.  The different exhibits are based on ocean habitats (like coral reefs, open ocean, kelp forests…) which makes each step filled with fascinating life to see!  They also have some of the most spectacular ocean wildlife that there is.


Start your visit off with an opportunity to get up close and personal with the ocean sea life. Rollup your sleeves and dunk your hand in a large touch tank containing docile bonnethead sharks and cownose rays! Want to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s smaller treasures? Feel the unique texture of live shrimp, anemones, starfish and more!

What really sets the Georgia Aquarium apart in my eyes is the wide diversity of sealife that they have to offer. Coral reefs with brightly colored fish decorate one section of the aquarium. In other sections, the most unique of creatures dot the wall – from jellyfish, to a giant octopus, to leafy and weedy sea dragons.


Walk through an ocean tunnel and look up at the sawfish and stingrays and goliath grouper that pass on both sides and overhead. Want to see some of beauty the Arctic Ocean has to offer? Spend some time gazing upon the playful beluga whales and their cute seal aquarium mates.

A relatively recent addition to the aquarium has been their bottlenose dolphin exhibit and show. When not putting on a performance, these curious, playful creatures will often times interact with aquarium visitors. It makes you wonder whether the dolphins may be more excited to see the people more so than the other way around.


The “piece de resistance” has got to be the massive viewing area of their largest aquarium tank – Ocean Voyager. Enormous whale sharks gently swim by, their beautifully patterned bodies catching your eye. Just when you think nothing can peel your gaze away, a giant manta ray begins to do circles in the background – filter feeding and having some fun!

Reef sharks, stingrays, goliath grouper, and rainbow runners all swim before your eyes and you get lost in their orchestrated majesty. If you’re like me and my husband, take the time to sit down and soak it all in. It likely will be one of the most relaxing and sea-inspiring moments of your life!

All in all, there are so many beautiful sea creatures to see and get a sense of how wondrous the ocean world is.  Enjoy and live porpoisefully!

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